Congrats, we finally did it!

stole this but too damn good not to


We should get another one that says congrats on ending the Vikes playoff hopes! :slight_smile:

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Sadly - this is not accurate brother

With the vikes losing they have entered elimination mode - they are currently not eliminated from any seeds…

They can however now be eliminated from the top four seeds but are alive for all the WC seeds.



Only the Lions celebrate 1 win like it’s the SB. They are posting scenes from the locker room and people are making rap songs. How embarrassing.


Right, they are still alive. But, 6-6 is way different than 5-7. The Vikes will look back on this game when they miss the playoffs by one game.

I dont think it is embarrassing at all. The team just went a full year without winning a game. There should be a fucking parade.


Goff end celebration after garbage means a lot to him . Hugging Campbell gives him one more start

Sometimes you are just stupid with your remarks……

This I agree with!

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Good God, thats his GF? No wonder he looks like he just wants to go home every game.


No shit… The bar is really really low here.

Everybody here is ready to rename the Lombardi Trophy the Campbell Trophy…because we won a game and didn’t go 0-16-1.

The funniest part is they managed to pull out a win despite having to play over their head coach decision making stupidity

It is really truly amazing

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Or maybe some people are just looking for something positive to look forward to instead of constantly pointing out our “meathead” coach is not good enough. I don’t see the point in constantly crapping on the coach and franchise. If posters are happy why do you care so much?

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That win was huge, man. I won’t underestimated it. I don’t blame Campbell for being that excited. The monkey was growing larger by the week on the proverbial back.

I didn’t expect much as a fan this season. But I did think they’d win a game. And they have now. That is a very low expectation, but its quite clear we have major talent issues.

Happy Jonah Hill GIF

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Meet the Fockers (5/12) Movie CLIP - Handsome Little Focker (2004) HD

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Well the good news is that Campbell is one game better than Rod Marinelli

Of course he won’t beat the worst season of the last regime so we still got a little bit of work to do before we crown DC our savior.

I think it’s very inclusive of SI to include plus size girls in the swimsuit issue. I’m sure next year will have girls that aren’t really girls or did they already do that one I can’t keep track

I mean other than the fact that she’s got giant knockers she reminds me of Buzz’s girlfriend in the movie Home Alone

Michigan didn’t celebrate like that after winning the Big 10. This type of attitude is why the Lions are losers. Their standards are so much lower than any other NFL franchise.

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