Connor Cook gone

Got cut, replaced by David Fales. I was hoping Cook would pan out as a decent QB backup, but I guess not. Not particularly a Cook fan, I just wanted a decent backup guy, and some are saying that Savage is not the answer either. He might be an improvement over who they’ve had before though. We’ll see if the new Fales is an upgrade, must be at least over Cook.

Fales has been the backup QB in Miami over the past 2 years, let’s see what he’s got.

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Bad move. Connor Cook would’ve become a solid backup for us. Cook had a decent playoff game for a backup. Cook has more experience, even though he is younger. I thought he could’ve done an admirable job at the backup spot.

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I guess everyone knows I’m a Cook fan. I’m disappointed, for sure, but, gotta trust Patricia and Bevell. It’s their asses on the line.


Apparently more of a bottle washer…

I guess im a little surprised that he was cut so early on…

Yeah, he obviously has something going on that’s more important than football.

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That’s a surprising development. I thought we’d keep him at least through the preseason to compete for the #2 spot.

I thought so too. Something else is going on, like mental issues? Depression maybe? I got no idea. Teez was talking about falling out of love with football, maybe Cook did too.

It’s time for the Lions to fall out of love with Tease Tabor, it’s ridiculous to have a marriage when one of the partners isn’t all in. Cook has had every chance to step up, and at this point he couldn’t step up to the backup role and that is the end of the line.

I don’t know of any other stories out there (if there are any), but maybe it’s just a matter of Savage emerging as the clear backup and Cook desiring a better shot on another squad or maybe he rejects the idea of being “camp arm”.


“He’s now been dumped by four different teams (Oakland, Carolina and Cincinnati are the others) since September.”


Love the honesty. I was high on Cook too (not as high as this guy). He had all the tools on the field. Can’t evaluate off the field though.