Contrasts, perspectives

Contrast and perspective?
Russ Thomas -22 yrs GM record 138-175-9
Chuck Schmidt- 12 years GM record 95-97
Matt Millen - 8 years GM record 31-97-0
Martin Mayhew - 8 yrs GM record 47-81-0
Bob Quin - 3 years plus one game as GM record 24-24-1

we had a running game?? when?? we had all kinds of different things wrong with the team and it’s leaders in 2018…with Jim Bob we weren’t lighting it up in running , a first time ever HC in the NFL, and a Defense that was ice cold at the beginning of 2018 , our starting QB’s wife was diagnosed with brain cancer…and Matt wasn’t right again until much later in the season after he found out she would make a full recovery.

Finally, we’re a .500 football team.


I know right? LOL
Best in our lifetime. (that this old goat can remember)


thanks for taking the time, dude. Interesting stuff.


Since you are in love with their GM, let’s revisit his 1st round picks since he took over as GM:

2013 - GONE (Johnathan Cooper)
2014 - GONE (Deone Buchanon)
2015 - Barely hanging on to a roster spot (DJ Humpheries)
2016 - GONE (Robert Nkemdeche)
2017 - Rotational player (Haason Riddick)
2018 - GONE (Josh Rosen)
2019 - Kyler Murray

Please tell me more about this absolutely breathtakingly awesome GM that we should model our franchise after. They didn’t become the worst team in football overnight, they got there by a series of bad decisions by their GM. But I know…the Lions are trash and every other team is golden no matter how much stupid chit they are doing.


If it makes anyone feel better, the Dolphins look like the worse team in the league. Like 0-16 bad.

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Rumors are that a bunch of the players are seeking trades or to be cut.

The formula has been laid out there. Just freeze your feet until they almost fall off, threaten to retire over your helmet, attempt to punch the GM in the face and record the coach and post it on social media. Then all that’s left is to say “release me.” Piece of cake.

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Works 100% of the time, every time.

Stop saying Stafford saved Jim Caldwell.

Stafford’s record in one score games is atrocious without Jim Caldwell.

If Stafford can magically comeback whenever he wants why did he never consistently do it before or after Jim Caldwell.?

I never called their GM awesome, or even good. Why do you make up random lies? Seems odd.

Comparing us to Arizona is pretty weak in itself. I was simply saying, both teams are trash, but at least AZ is really attempting to change. We swap out offensive coordinators on a 6-10 team and think that will fix 60 years of failure. We get 1 great game out of TJH and everyone apologizes for Quinn’s mediocre/bad draft picks.

Decker - Not close to 1st round production. More like verge of being a bust.
A. Robinson - Who the hell knows what he is. Not 2nd round production, that’s for sure.
Glasgow - mediocre at best
Killebrew, Dahl, Zettel, Rudock, rest of draft - garbage

Jarrad Davis - Huge reach. Flashes of fine play, then hurt. Liability in coverage.
Tabor - complete bust. Everyone knew that before the draft. Moronically wasted pick.
Kenny G - Very good pick. Solid #2 type WR. Good value.
JRM/Agnew - Dime a dozen. Roster guys. Although Agnew should probably be cut.
Rest of draft - nothing

Ragnow - Not close to first round value. Severe reach.
Kerryon - Still not seeing what everyone else does. Had 2 really nice games out of 11. Injured for 6 games. Easy to bring down. Doesn’t break tackles. He’s better than Joique Bell. Yay.
Walker - Hopefully becomes a legit starter. Need to see more.
Hand - Who the hell knows. Rotation guy at this point.

This years draft looks like we might have a couple good players, but it’s been 1 game against last year’s toilet of the NFL. Let’s see what they do against a few even decent teams.

Overall we got no game changers. A few solid/above average starters and a few busts. I would say Quinn has drafted no more than very, very average. Which the results on the field prove. Hiring Patricia was a mistake. Overpaying free agents who didn’t show up to play was a mistake. Extending Stafford was criminal.

All I want you to do is take off your anti-Quinn glasses for a second and admit the GM for the Cardinals has made some mistakes and doesn’t deserve to have his clock reset. Its pretty simple.

Of course he made mistakes both on the job and “off the field”. I’m not even saying he’s good or decent. I just appreciate it when a team that sucks, tries to address it. We don’t do that here. We take a bad team and blame the offensive coordinator every 3 years.

As far as the clock being reset… are you telling me that if Quinn somehow traded Stafford in the offseason, drafted a QB #1 overall and overhauled the coaching staff, you wouldn’t be the first one in line saying things like “give it time” and “be patient”?? I call B.S., because we change a simple assistant coach and our fan base constantly gives excuses like “Stafford has to learn the new system”. AZ overhauled their team more than anyone else in the league in the offseason. The most important parts are brand new to the team and to the game. Not even remotely the same as here. How many GM’s have the balls to scrap their 1st year head coach and #1 pick after just 1 year and go again? Our GM sticks with his awful picks for too long and sometimes extends them to terrible contracts.

Arizona is also a team that has an owner who raised like 3 division title banners and has a SB appearance in the last decade. Sorry, if I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt over a team like Detroit who hasn’t won a single meaningful game in almost 30 years and just played that AZ team to a stalemate a few days ago. Our 11th year QB and defense (led by “guru” Patricia) completely shit their pants in crunch time, while AZ’s coach (in his very first game) and their QB (in his very first game) showed veteran like poise and played damn near perfectly in crunch time and took your soul.

What I’m saying is to be consistent in your beliefs. If Keim gets a reset by changing coaches, so does Quinn. Going all the way back to the beginning for Quinn but hitting the reset button for Keim is dishonest. Keim created his mess with poor drafting year after year and then a poor hiring decision. He owns the situation he’s in, because he created it.

Keim was not the GM of the Cardinals when they went to the Super Bowl so that’s irrelevant. If we are simply going to go into guys past, then Quinn’s past is with the Patriots and I guarantee you don’t want to have that fight.

Be consistent, that’s all I can ask. Right now…you are all over the map.

Maybe reset button was the wrong term. If I was a Cardinals fan, I would have a little more patience than I do as a Detroit fan because they not only drafted #1 QBs back to back, but they also did the same with their coaching staff. It’s a totally different look they are going for, so that warrants some patience, I believe. They are being bold and drastic, whereas, in Detroit, we are in year 11 with the same QB after 10 years of failure and “need moar wepenz for Stafford” and “needs to learn the new system”. Meanwhile, dude in his first ever game in a brand new system with no offensive line, a busted defense and a 65 year old WR ran a train on us and left their fans begging for more, while ours left the fans looking for rope and a short ladder.

Maybe their GM sucks, and that’s fine, but they at least have an owner who has had some success and they seem to have a plan. The only plan in Detroit is to change OCs every few years.

You know you wouldn’t be optimistic if Quinn had done the exact same thing as Keim. He’s driven the organization into the ground, and your response is “oh I’d be so excited that the guy who put together this inferior team is going to…for the first time in his career…make some good picks and build something!!!” Yeah right, thanks for the laugh. Be consistent.

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By consistent, do you mean be a Lions apologist? Look, we have been fake rebuilding here for my entire life. The Cardinals have tasted success in the form of division titles, playoff wins, multiple conference title games and a Super Bowl appearance. Forgive me if I trust their ownership and front office more than ours. If their GM turns out to have pulled the wrong strings on Murray and Kliff, then I believe they will broom him out and get it right way before we do here in Detroit. History is on my side.

You claim he’s “driven the organization to the ground”, but yet his depleted team and rookie QB and rookie staff, just tied your team. What does that say about Quinn and his roster? They bottomed out, blew it up, started over and equaled 4 years of rebuild under Quinn. I think I actually heard the bar get lowered again.

Nope, not an apologist. Hate on this terrible franchise all you want. If you’ve noticed, I even shit on the city of Detroit. Just be consistent. Call a spade a spade when you see it. In other words, don’t be an apologist for other franchises. Keim made his bed, he doesn’t get to restart the clock. That’s like saying if Quinn REALLY screws up and we are the worst team in football, suddenly he gets to restart the clock. You would let Quinn’s clock start over? No…you would not see it that way. That’s what I mean by being consistent.

Chuck Schmidt is our best, LOL, I mean sobs…

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