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That’s fine. I’m only speaking as an outsider. I’m no Cardinals fan, just assuming they have a longer leash since their owner has had some success in the league, unlike Detroit’s owner. They will be patient with their owner and his decision to keep the GM, because he has a solid recent history. Maybe the clock doesn’t restart, but their clock is on longer timer. There is reason to have some faith based on drafting a new dynamic QB and a fresh new style coach. Here, we have the same old same old. Same limited, overpaid QB, same plug n play RBs who never do anything. Same style of coaches who cannot manage the clock if their life depended on it.

That’s why I say here in Detroit, it’s not the same thing. We’re now 11 years removed from being bottomed out, yet we have won only 6 of our last 17 games, while losing (or tying) to a handful of terrible teams in that timeframe. Where is the progress and why should we have faith in the owner or GM? At least AZ had a brand new QB and coaching staff and made an unheard of enormous 4th QTR comeback to tie in their first game together. At least their fans have some hope for the future. What is ours? That Stafford finally turns into Rogers in year 15? A 19th offensive coordinator to “clean things up”? It’s the inmates running the asylum here. No leadership from the top. None.

The situation with the Cardinals is easy to look up, and I’m literally giving you the details right here and now. Keim’s “recent history” is that he’s slowly run the team into the ground. Worst team in football last year. “Oops, let me go pick another coach and QB Mr. Owner!!!” He ran a successful coach out of town before hiring the shit show of a staff they did last year. Sound familiar? His drafts have almost completely sucked since 2013 when he took over. Virtually noone he’s picked in the 1st round is even on the team. And not in a Suh type of way (left because they were good, so they got outbid for them). They are gone because they aren’t very good. He put that “bottomed out” team together.

So what I’m getting from you is, all Quinn has to do is put together the worst team in football. Then he can hire a new coach, and you will start the clock over for him. Cool beans.

Come on, man. I’m not politicking for Keim. I’m politicking for their owner. He decided to keep the GM and since he did, the GM picked up a new coaching staff, a new (unique) offensive philosophy and a new (unique and dynamic) QB. What I’m getting at is that the GM has just created REAL change. Whether it works or not, is anyone’s guess, but it’s real change.

Meanwhile, our GM oversaw another OC change and that is supposed to be the catalyst to future success? Cardinal fans have hopes that they found their Mahomes and Reid, Payton and Brees or even Goff and McVay . Lions fans hope that Bevell is going to turn Stafford and Amendola into Montana and Rice in their primes. Which one is more logical?

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We had an 18-point lead in the 4th quarter. We lost a win.

Anybody spinning this tie as a positive … I don’t know, man.


While certainly true, the Cardinals were in the unique position of having the 1st overall pick. This allowed them to take a particular player (Murray) that had been scouted by a particular coach (Kingsbury) pretty much the player’s entire life. For the icing on top, that coach was looking for a head coaching job. It’s almost like a Hollywood script.

But you are supposed to say the owner is an idiot and has no clue what he’s doing as well. Why? Because that’s what you basically said about Martha when she hired Ernie Accorsi to help her find a new GM. The Cardinals owner hired Ernie Accorsi to help them find their new HC. So…that makes him clueless, right?

I like this game. Wanna keep playing?:laughing:

And once again I’ll add…the REASON why the Cardinals had the #1 pick was because of a series of bad decisions by the GM. The same GM that should get a free pass now.

You know, I hear enough about the Cardinals from the talking heads.
I fully intend to forget that game.

Sure, I’ll play. The Cardinals owner very well may be an idiot, but he’s an idiot who has banners. See how that works? When someone accomplishes something in life, they get the benefit of the doubt, or in some cases, a free pass on a mistake or 2, hence the clock/timer discussion. When someone else (the Fords) accomplishes nothing but failure for the better part of a century, they don’t get a free pass, benefit of the doubt, blind faith.

Once again I’ll say, that I’m not claiming the GM is good or should get a free pass from Cardinal fans. I’m saying, once their OWNER decided to retain him, they should at least see this experiment with Kliff and Kyler thru because he orchestrated it and there is a real attempt at real change.

In Detroit we have a GM who has had 4 drafts, yet the team just came off it’s worst record and is playing it’s worst football since he took over. No sign of Quinn having a positive impact, tet, unlike in AZ, no real change being made either.

Hindsight is always 20-20. We learned some stuff about this team, some things we did well and some thing we didn’t and have to adjust. Which I suspect the Lions will be working on, I dunno what we’ll do with our OTs, more runs, more short and quick passes, more rolling out the QB, having somebody chip an edge rusher just to buy a half second.

I suspect our big DL guys will be in better shape and won’t have to play nearly as many snaps this week, so that’s good. Don’t know if Jarrad Davis will be back, not counting on it but actually our LBs did okay, and so did the secondary BTW. You can’t ask them to cover guys for that long, and give Murray credit for making some pretty good throws when he had time and space to do so.

Gotta love Hockenson, who doesn’t feel good about him this week? Amendola did well too, outside of not going OB when he shoulda. And no injuries to speak of either. So, the Chargers are coming to town, let’s focus on that.

Lemme add one more bright spot, from Justin rogers of the DetNews:

Not really the weakest link

Entering Sunday’s game, Joe Dahl was the unknown on Detroit’s offensive line. But on this day, he was the unit’s top performer. While the group’s entrenched starters floundered, each allowing multiple quarterback pressures, Dahl didn’t allow his assignment to beat him once in pass protection.

The run blocking wasn’t as impressive, but I had more positive mentions of Dahl in my notes than negative. And of the three times his name was in red, one was a clear communication breakdown, while another looked like a poor play design based on several players’ inability to execute.

“Amendola did well too, outside of not going OB when he shoulda.”

There were a couple of concerning plays earlier in the game where Amendola could have gained more yardage by staying in bounds, but ran out of bounds untouched by any Cardinals defender. *See Lions Slowlights for more on this.

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So if the Chargers sign Quinn to be their GM, then Quinns clock restarts every time he changes coaches? Because the “owner has banners?” This is literally your logic right now, and I’m having a blast pointing it out. You start with the result you want, then just throw in whatever irrelevant things you can to try to justify a faulty position.

Actually, the answer to your question is kind of. Good leaders, lead, give direction and get results. Bad leaders (Fords) don’t do any of that, because she really does nothing. There are certain owners who seem to continue to have success, year after year. Why is that? There are certain GMs who continue to have success year after year. Why is that? There are certain coaches that continue to have success year after year. Why is that? You can probably still be successful if 2 out of 3 components are good. If you get all 3 right, you become a dynasty. But here we are 0-3.

For instance, a good owner and a good GM can mask a mediocre or poor coach. A good GM and good coach can mask an out of touch owner. However, when you have a coach that’s in WAY over his head, a GM that is average at best, and an owner who is out of touch, senile, with 1 foot in the grave, that’s not a recipe for success. It will has not, can not and will not work.

So Quinn can be the same GM with the Lions as he is with another organization, but he’s only a failure with the Lions.

Keep the laughs coming.

Who said that? Why would you make up another falsehood? Under different ownership with a plan, direction, involvement, who says Quinn would be the same GM? Was Belichick as successful in Cleveland as he is in NE?

You’re totally missing the point. You admitted that Martha had no clue on how to do her most important job (hiring a GM), so she went for help. Cool. So, what makes you think she knows what to tell said GM on how she wants her team built? Or how to judge success? Why would she extend him if she has no clue if he’s doing a good job or not? How would she know if he’s doing a good job if she didn’t know the criteria for even hiring someone for that job. It’s the Lions way repeating itself.

We’ve been thru a thousand coaches, a million QBs and a hundred GMs, yet the product stays the same. What is the constant?

Quinn is trending upward, and will be our best SOON!

Fired up!

Most have higher expectations for the Lions. The margin for error is slim if they expect to make the playoffs. This was supposed to be a certain W. The upcoming schedule looks daunting as hell…



Didn’t say anything about whether or not the GM should get a pass. Hell, IMO he should’ve been shitcanned after his DUI; and now another member of the front office has a DUI as well. Wonderful leadership by example they have.