Cooter Sighting

Jaguars hired ex-Lions OC Jim Bob Cooter as pass-game coordinator.

Cooter, 37, coached Matthew Stafford as the Lions’ QBs coach from 2014-2015 before being promoted to OC the following season. After a three-year stint as the Lions’ play-caller, Cooter coached the Jets’ RBs from 2019-2020 and spent last season on Nick Sirianni’s staff with the Eagles. He’ll work closely with Trevor Lawrence, new coach Doug Pederson, and QBs coach Mike McCoy in Jacksonville.


Never a bad time for a Cooter sighting. lol

The Jags love former Lions OC, first Bevell, now Jim Bob!

They also signed Agnew and Marvin Jones last year.


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Come here Cooter…kitty, kitty, kitty. Daddy’s got something for you.

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I’m glad we washed ourselves of that Cooter years ago. If they want to run that stale Cooter offense, go ahead it stinks.

That Cooter ran afoul. A very stanky afoul.

That Tranny-Cooter knows her way around the sausage. She might be a wee bit too aggressive…like she’s scaling a fish using only her callused hands. And she’s pounded the balls clean off.

I love the smell of Cooter in the morning

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Hah, what a silly name. Jim-Bob.

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Out of all of that, it’s the name Pandora Boxx that’s killing me.

I can’t not giggle when the word “box” is used in reference to a lady’s undersmile.

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