Could be worse

Could be Denver or Chicago fans.


I dont know… i saw some of the Seahawks players after the game digging some of those tasty skimasks out of the garbage to mock Detroit’s villainous intentions.

You say that now…let’s just hope we dont lose to those bears…I mean, wouldnt that be the three letter acronym that I dare not speak in lieu of hurting some folk’s butts on this here board? Lots of season left, but there’s a real possibility this team isnt as good as lots of folks thought they were…

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Could be neither better nor worse: we could be Giants fans. That’s right, we have the same record as the hapless Giants. No silver linings here.

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We slaughtered the Bears at home but people forget it took a miracle for us to barely escape with a win against them in Chicago. We won 31-30 and had a 21 point 4th quarter…including a pick 6 from Okudah.

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Holy mackerel the Broncos were just robbed by the refs. Should be in OT right now, but they’re all headed home.


They definitely should’ve gotten another shot at that conversion. God damn refs are such a joke.


It simply looked like they wanted to go home. Either that or extend a hearty eff you to Payton.

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The nfl needs to get things right that guy was pulling on the Denver receivers shoulder before the ball got there

We also have the same record as the Chiefs, and we are the reason for that. What are you trying accomplish with this tired take?

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Yeah, that promo went off like a fart in church.

Kind of like “Another One Bites the Dust” lite.

I thought it was really silly to begin with. Win 1 game and we are villains… ■■■■ that shit.

Now win 11 games, win the division, beat the shit out of the Giants in the playoffs, ok Villains is good by me.

Results first before we crown ourselves.

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Yeah that what I said pretty silly without winning anything. It was a little premature.

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They sure as hell weren’t today.
It’s not the worst of suck I’ve ever seen, but, I thought so much more of this team.
That was embarrassing.

I dunno, we may have the same record, but I’d much rather be us than then them. Shut out, then barely escaping against a horrendous Arizona team. Yikes.

Sean doesn’t care. He made almost $2m for that effort.

Crazy to see how quickly some lose faith.

This is part of a learning curve. We just beat the chiefs on the road.

In the eyes of some, only the negative “proof” counts.

Chill out, men. We’ve got this.

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The radical change in the mindset of us fans is what creates the SOL.

The Lions have won the last 9 of 12 games they’ve played. That should be rewarded with faith and optimism.

Now, they lose ONE game in OT and suddenly they’re the Lions of old.

This is what alcohol does to you guys.

Just relax…we’re a .500 team, currently. Can we at least wait until the first 5 games are played to judge? Sheesh!!!

Yup. 100%

By this dramatic reactionary, knee-jerk crowd standards…
The bills SUCK
THE CHIEFS SUUUCK (even worse because the lions suck and they lost to the lions)
…annnd the bengals SUCK!!!