Could be worse

This is silly, it’s not the loss , it’s more how they lost giving a game away with a shit performance . And this is not last year’s team it doesn’t have the horses on offense and with out Monty this team my be toast. And losing to Seattle we will lose the tie breaker like last year. We don’t have a replacement for Monty.

More silliness them teams all have been to playoffs and won . Funny how we compare our Lions with teams that have won it all with us winning nothing at all.

Personally, I’m glad it never took hold. Let stuff like that happen organically

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They’re pros. The other guys get paid too.

Have you ever saw a team play perfect and lose? If so, so tell.

Our weaknesses are our weaknesses. We have to get better at masking them or make or strengths overwhelming.

I’m happier this year than I was last year. Let’s just wait to see what happens.

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Ahhhh…more dwelling in the past and pretending that it matters (silliness, as you put it)

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I think every one of us is. Just knee jerk emotional reaction.

When we finish the schedule 7-3 ,or something close to it, on the way to a playoff run and 12 or so wins, people will be high on us

…until our first loss next season. LOL.

Nothing to see here

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