Could Jon Gruden hire be worse than hire of Matt Millen?

Chucky is destroying the Raiders franchise. They released Irvin yesterday, who apparently was unanimously considered the team’s leader/captain, especially in the locker room. Now, maybe he has some master plan, but these strokes are eerily familiar to what we saw with Detroit when Millen came aboard.

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Chucky is rebuilding the Raiders in his own image. They’ll be slashing the league shortly.

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I think both did a better than average job of analyzing games. Now, that could translate into other jobs w/i the game but what we are seeing right now is nothing more than securing the first pick in next years draft. It’s really sad for Raider fans because the core of players that you want to rebuild with are the one’s being released.

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He was a bad hire even before he started purging all their young talent.

10 years out of football and was never a GM before. Is anyone actually surprised by what is happening there?

Millen though was a worse hire. Never coached, never worked in a front office…Literally had no experience running a team or even scouting players. Hiring Mel Kiper would have been a better idea than Millen.

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I’m not surprised. In all of my years of watching football, there are 3 coaches universally hated or disrespected by players… Gruden, Schiano and Petrino

Not even close LOL.

The Raiders wanted to try competing while still in Oakland, Gruden wanted to build for the Vegas move.

That’s really all this comes down to.

I mean damn, give the guy his draft before going out on a limb.

Maybe he wants to make Oakland feel better about losing the team, by sucking so badly that they won’t miss them.


I have a hard time believing anyone can be as bad as Millen.

I do feel Gruden is making a similar mistake to that which Millen made. You can’t strip a team of leadership all at once. You need some vets to help Develop those rookies.

He should have paid Mack. Sending Cooper packing for a 1st was a genius move.

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He sucked the last 5 years in Tampa.

No one should be suprised

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This is a great question. So many different ways to approach it.

Like, are you comparing the decision to hire him, or the results?

For the first question, I have to say no. Gruden has (at least as far as I know) actually had a role in building a super bowl winning roster in Tampa. Granted, Tampa was already a great team, but Gruden was actually in a draft room/working with scouts in the NFL before he took the Raiders job. Versus hiring a guy out of the TV booth with zero experience in any team leadership capacity at all.

Ultimate results, I think the jury is out, but I also say it’s likely to be no. Millen was SOOOO inept. It wasn’t just the winless season, it was like literally setting the franchise back a decade. I have a hard time imagining Gruden being quite that bad. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

I do think it’s fascinating that both of these guys were hugely successful analysts, both in line to be the heir to John Madden, both could have been the face of the NFL brand for years, and instead pissed away their careers and credibility to come back to a crappy 100-hour-a-week job. So dumb.

I do have to add that Millen was the way superior analyst. Gruden is probably better at building his brand, but MIllen the analyst was funnier and more engaging and insightful.


Millen was worse. That’s the answer to any question asked. To wit:

  • What’s worse, Matt Millen or the Star Wars prequels? Millen.
  • What’s worse, Matt Millen or the Spanish Inquisition? Millen.
  • What’s worse, Matt Millen or weenie warts? I thought they were literally the same thing. Millen, I guess.

I do not like the Gruden approach, but my assessment is tempered by the financial state of the club. It’s been reported that Mark Davis could literally not come up with the cash to pay Mack. It’s possible that Gruden is being directed to minimize overhead until the move to Vegas.

I’m sure there’s stupidity / ego in there as well, I just don’t know where the line is drawn.

Millen was a good player and commentator.

But, he was no more qualified to run an entire football organization than anyone on this site. Hence the disaster that befell us as Lions fans.

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Is it possible that Quinn and Patricia could be worse?

I’m wondering if you were betting serious money on which team would be best in two seasons. Would you pick CLE, DET or OAK? … Better yet if you had to rank them 1st - last what team would you put 1st and last.

I think CLE, DET, OAK. I have no faith in Gruden.

Holy jumpin’! You ARE in a funk. No, there’s no way possible that Quinn and Patricia are worse than Millen or Gruden.

Yeah I know this team just feels off. Reminds me of the 2008 team.

I see what Quinn is doing. I just don’t like the way or reasons he’s doing it.

No one expected Matt Millen either…

When Gruden shows up to practice in a Bill Cosby sweater, has a temper tantrum and rides off on a Harley leaving the team to wonder what the hell…

Then he will be as bad as Matt Millen


I would amend to “Millen/Mayhew”, instead of just Millen.

There are benefits to getting rid of anyone who might question your authority as coach.

Starting over tough, but it’s not an invalid approach.

Oh i think when it’s all said and done Gruden may take the lead. Wow he has decimated that team,and now brings in Mayok as his GM? Let me add that I love Mayoks draft coverage…but im just not big on guys coming from TV to run a team…

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