Could Stafford go to San Francisco/Sam Darnold to Detroit?

It was an interesting article talking about potential landing spots for various qbs. The author feels the Patriots are the best fit for Stafford but the Niners are the likely outcome. He also felt Sam Darnold could end up in Detroit. Honestly, I would prefer Darnold to any qb not named Trevor Lawrence in this draft.

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I realize this is click bait, but trading Stafford for a QB not good enough for the Jets is unappetizing.


I love Stafford but if we get a good return on him and move on I’m okay with that. But if its for Darnold I’m going to lose my chit.


I don’t think the two are connected other than Detroit. Trade Stafford to Niners. Trade with Jets to get Darnold. I would not want to trade Stafford for Darnold, no way, but in a seperate trade, as a reclamation project as we rebuild? Sure.

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No on the Darnold idea. Unless he’s a cheap backup. He barely even fits that profile at this point.

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I would rather the Lions just sign Winston as a FA than trade for Darnold.


Agree but I wouldn’t mind if Darnold got released and we picked him up on the cheap to vet him out

Yeah wow , this is why you have 50 years of losing. Geez it would be like 10 times worse then the Caldwell to Patricia.

Yes, I know the proposal wasn’t for a literal NJY-DET trade. But if the net effect is swapping out Stafford for Darnold, that is a really bad deal, regardless of the magic beans involved.


If we are trading Stafford then we are taking a QB at 7.

I don’t want to put any number of wheels in motion that lead to no Stafford and having Sam Darnold as our QB.


I was just thinking about doing a thread on this very topic.

There are a whole bunch of QBs who are going to be changing places, and several of them who want to still be starters who I’m having difficulty envisioning their landing spots.

Where is Wentz starting? Cam? Alex Smith? Darnold?

DeShaun Watson and Dak Prescott are going to fill two of those available starter slots. And if Phillip Rivers, Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Tom Brady aren’t going anywhere …?

If the Lions did move on from Stafford and draft a QB, Alex Smith would be a perfect interim starter, IMO.

Maybe this makes the trade market for Stafford softer. And you don’t get rid of him for anything other than a draft premium. Otherwise, what’s the point?


If it means Stafford in San Francisco I am all about it. I am that okay with him leaving and getting his at an organization that can use him the right way. but you are right, it’s not gonna be good for Detroit.

have you seen this crazy rumor? I am more curious about it from the point of view that He might leave Houston…not so much Detroit. I can’t see any reality where that would happen.

If we do move in from Stafford, Trey Lance is really growing on me.

I think his contract extension in September 2020 makes him untradeable, even if Houston wanted to.

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If they can make it work cap wise then Detroit makes sense bc they’d have a shot at two ten picks and whatever else.

I’d be all for it if it were possible.

Definitely doesn’t work in Detroit. For the same reasons I think it’s time to part ways with Stafford.

If you presume the Lions DON’T move on from Stafford this offseason, if I’m an NFL GM needing a QB and have my pick, I might go Dak over Watson, especially with that ridiculous contract of Watson’s.

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That’s what I was thinking as well.

Childish speculation. There is no QB the Lions can get in this draft that is anywhere near Stafford. None of the young QB’s that need a new start are near Stafford either. Wentz is the best option, but he is not durable and is in a funk.

Any HC that interviews is going to want Stafford. Any GM candidate who interviews is going to want to keep Stafford. The only way Stafford is traded is if he tells the organization that he is not willing to stay and wants a fresh start. Nobody could blame him, but getting rid of a top 5 QB with potentially 10 years left to play is insanity.