Could Stafford win the passing title in 2020? This writer thinks so

This writer thinks that Stafford will win the passing title this year.

I think it’s possible do you?

“I think he is primed to have the best year of his underappreciated career,” Schein wrote. “It’s Year 2 in Darrell Bevell’s offense, an attack that suited Stafford quite well last fall. Detroit has a fine trio of receivers in Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola, and I think T. J. Hockenson can enjoy a breakout sophomore campaign with better health. Rookie RB D’Andre Swift was a steal in Round 2, and he’s a legit weapon in the passing game.”


It’s possible, he was on his way to 5k last year before his injury. Passing title is nice, but hopefully he throws less and we rush for 2500 bc we’re so far ahead in the 2nd half we start milking the clock :sunglasses:


Don’t know about winning it, but I can see Stafford up there near the top if:

  1. He’s gotta play all 16 games. Duh.

  2. The defense sucks and the offense has to score a lotta points.

  3. The running game doesn’t improve THAT much. As if.

  4. The OL has to do a good job of pass pro.

This team does appear to have a lot of offensive weapons, and Stafford was having a damn good year until he got injured last year. No reason to doubt he won’t continue where he left off. Can’t say as I care much about passing stats and who has the most yardage. I just want Wins, specifically playoff Wins. 7 teams will get in, IMHO we could be one of them.

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Agreed, and it’s not like things don’t line up well for us… With all the limited practice and possibly training camp time with the shutdown, we’re returning the majority of the offensive skill positions now in year 2 of the scheme. On defense, we’ve added like 4 players that are already familiar with the scheme, so getting up to speed will not be an issue. Theoretically, we should be in good shape as far as knowing and executing the scheme on both sides of the ball, it’ll come down to coaching and talent.

I doubt it. Stafford should have a good year but the Lions want to run the ball and control the clock. Plus fewer dropbacks probably means fewer hits on the QB which would be a good thing. If #9 is slinging it all over the place the Lions are in trouble. I’d guess top 10 in passing yards and a very good QB rating.


I do believe that the Lions want a more ball control offense. But Bevell does love to take shots down field. The Lions did so more than any other team in the NFL last year.

The Lions have a lot invested in their TE’s and I suspect Bevell will try to use them more but he’s never been all that great at getting his TE’s involved.

Swift, KJ, and Huntley bring a lot to the table to in the receiving game. I suspect we will use that to our advantage too.

This brings me to my point. I think they can do both. Similar to what the Steelers and Saints have accomplished over the years.

Our defense is going to force us to take shots on offense. If we’re going to be in games the offense is going to have to sustain drives and score a lot.

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The Lions ae not in trouble if Stafford is throwing more than we are running. Matt was having a damn good season last year until he had to hang it up. He had no trouble delivering the football -then , but decided to listen to the medical staff and I am sure , Kelly and get his back examined and fixed as much as they possibly could. It was reported that the services went well and Stafford himself said “He feels GREAT.”
“If the season was tommorrow I’d be ready.” Stafford said. and he is one to tough it out and play through pain & injuries.

That said? I am absolutely sure they are going to see what Swift, KJ, Bo bring to the table in 2020 , so we are going to run hard ! Last? , It is my hope that Matt Patricia & Undlin can manage a better Defense and we win more games.

I’ve made this statement many times … but I believe that a healthy Stafford+healthy WR’s + an above average run game win more than they lose. Even with a crappy defense.

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True. But I’m hoping Undlin brings a lot to the table as well. A more aggressive, far less predictable approach. And, hopefully, he can connect with the players better than grandpa Paul P. I think they’ve enough made personnel upgrades as well. Stopping the run is key. If they can’t do that they will suck on D once again.


Matt will be very efficient, this year. Some will say his numbers are garbage, because Swift will keep running screen plays for 30+ yards.
You are right about the run game. Factor in that Patricia likes to protect a lead. Hope they just turn Matt and Bevell loose, and let 'em score.

We’re getting into the silly season so I’m going to call:

  • offense top 10 yards & scoring
  • defense top 20 yards — top 15 points against
    Lions run much better than they have — they can survive fine if KJ gets hurt again
    Between Swift & KJ at least one of them start each game

Obviously Stafford needs to stay healthy

The defense will be better than people expect (scoring defense)

Lions go 11-5
Patricia wins coach of the year. :crazy_face:

Unless Mahomes gets injured I can’t see how it’s anyone else. Maybe Brady but at his age that seems unlikely to me.

Winston put up 5100 yards in Arians offense and lead the NFL in yards. Brady could blow it up in that offense.

Prescott was second with 4900.

Mahomes only had 29 more passing yards than Rogers did. He ranked 10th in passing yards last season. Look at Mahomes and Carr’s stats last year. Carr actually had more yards and a better completion percentage.

I agree. It wouldn’t be the first time a good offense carries a top 5 defense to wins playoff success.

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yeah high hopes for the offense , but the Defense can’t be a pile of warm dog crap or The Lions aren’t going far !

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That was a great read! I also would agree that it is possible for Stafford to win passing title in 2020. I saw this Lions outlook here, and you can see that Stafford has guys like Amendola, Golladay, and Jones to pass to. Those guys were studs last year and could help Stafford put up some serious numbers in 2020.

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