Could we start 0-4?

I feel like there’s a high probability this team will start 0-4. I firmly believed the CHI game was a must win. Mainly for team and fan morale but I also felt it would be hard to go into GB and win. Then go to ARZ and win. Something we’ve struggled to do. Then we host the Saints. After watching NO dismantle Tampa I feel like we’re going to get steam
Rolled by them. They look sharp, prepared, ready and a super bowl contender.

The first game we have a shot at is Jax if you ask me and we will be 0-4 by then.

The next 3 games are going to be a nightmare for Lions fans.

My thought going into today was that we could be 0-4 with a loss today, and 2-2 or 3-1 with a win. No where in between.

Sounds about right.

I just feel like today’s loss likely means we start 0-4.

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If we start 0-4, there is a real chance Bevell is head coach of this team before Thanksgiving.


One can only hope

Of course we can start 0-4. Anything beyond 1-3 seems like a pipe dream.

One thing we can hang our hat on, this team always plays GB tough, even when they suck.

I called it at the beginning of the game day thread, it was a must win. It was questioned…rookies


Not sure how anyone could claim this wasn’t a super important game. I don’t even feel like listing the reasons why, because it’s so darn obvious.

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I think next Sunday has become one.

First game of the year is a must win mainly for team and FAN morale? Lol


So same as every year then?

I can’t remember the last time we didn’t have a “Lions are gonna go 0-4(5/6) thread to begin the year.

We never do other than the 0-16 year but we always have the thread

I thought it was bad being of it out before Thanksgiving, if this is true we will be out after 4 games. Must be all them good his guys types we needed.

We’ll win 1 of the first four. If we can get out of the first quarter at 2-2 then that’s really quite bullish IMO. Means we’ve proven we can beat some decent teams.


We always win one we shouldn’t on paper

Seriously we have this thread every year and it never happens

Maybe this will be the year


Going to be a bloodbath next week. Full Wipeout.

Also, not beating Drew Brees.

Good thing mibile QBs aren’t trouble for them historically, so we should have a real shot against an Arizona team that…well, just beat the 49ers.

Hey, maybe aliens will attack and we have to cancel the season.

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Win next week and all is forgotten. Would still be an unfortunate wasted opportunity in week 1 but a head to head victor against GB is likely to be of more value in a tiebreaker than one against Chicago. I don’t see that Chicago team finishes above 8-8.


The LIONS or JETS are the worst 2 teams in the NFL! It is NOT close!

Lions are TRASH! Pray for losses to get rid of the POS faster!