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Good thing political agendas are not accepted –

Anyway – i thought i’d post some statistica charts that may be of interest

The Johns Hopkins University looked into the number deaths per 100,000 of the population in the top-10 countries worst affected by COVID-19. Belgium had over 57,000 cases on May 25 but it had the highest number of deaths per 100,000 of its inhabitants at 81.53. By comparison, badly-hit Spain and Italy had 57.43 and 55.64 deaths per 100,000 people respectively. The U.S. has surpassed 1.5 million cases and its deaths per 100,000 inhabitants stood at 30.02 on May 25.

It is important to keep in mind that countries measure these statistics differently. For example, the UK only includes deaths where people tested positive for COVID-19 while Belgium also includes suspected cases which has contributed to its higher total. A more recent overview, including other countries, is freely accessible here.

I’d guess global trade will decline somewhat moving forward – COVID has shown the problems with current supply chains – supply chains will be rationalized as a result of this

I think Sweden was being hailed as the way to go – all and all – maybe it is

Most states have HIV-specific criminal laws. It’s time that we started holding people accountable for deciding that it’s OK to “walk among us” and do their own science when they are positive or asymptomatic.

And here we go again… you are trying control others over a virus with the same mortality rate and all other flu viruses … as you’re allowing your fear to control you… glad you aren’t in politics… your views are simply scary brother…



That’s objectively and demonstrably false. COVID-19 is significantly more lethal than flu, and there are a ridiculous number of studies that show it. Even with social distancing, mask, etc., we’ve had something like 5 times the number of deaths from COVID than from the flu this year.

I don’t necessary agree with Cassanova’s take above, but stop trying to argue with the facts.


There are people walking around knowing they have the virus and taking it with them to their work place. Recently a man in Pennsylvania took it to his workplace, knowingly, and said it was OK because he distanced himself. Sorry, I don’t want to leave it up to morons to be in charge of my health. Getting struck down by a drunk driver who thought he/she had it under control, how different is this? There are laws about drunk driving that killed about 10,000 last year. Anyone have a current number on covid fatalities? I know, actual facts don’t matter so never mind, but it seems to be there shouldn’t be any law because fewer people die from drunk driving than the flu! LOL, the whole reason we have laws is for people who have NO respect for any lives but their own. We HAVE drunk driving laws, we HAVE HIV-specific laws, why bother because I should have the right to have sex with your daughter while I am HIV positive and driving drunk down the road because personal liberty is at stake here.

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Mortality rate for people under 50 is .05%

The flu is 17 times more deadly than covid for children under 2

The flu has killed up to 62k Americans this year according to the CDC, covid has not claimed twice that, let alone 5 times that.

Those are facts

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HIV is worse

And I don’t agree and have not seen any reliable data showing 19 is worse than the flu … I will agree it appears to spread quicker which is the reason I don’t mind SD… but mortality wise you will have to show me and we will see

Wow … you are that guy whose so far off it’s scary…

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Laws only tell you if you meet a standard… they do nothing else and can’t stop freewill - deal with it.

And, You speed all the time just like I do… so next time you speed please go directly to the cop shop and ask for a ticket

And what about the poeple that forced the sick into a facility containing a non-sick, high risk, population?

Don’t mention political policy or this thread will get locked just like the other one… But we all know who you’re talking about :wink:

According to the CDC the flu has killed between 24K-62k from 10/1/19 - 4/4/20 which equates to approximately 4K-10.3k deaths per month.

Prior to March 1st the US officially had 1 Coronavirus death so in three months it’s likely to kill a bit over 105k deaths or 35k per month.

So Coronavirus has been to date somewhere between 3.3-8.75x as deadly as the flu this year.

We really need to get better masks in circulation. I have no idea why that hasn’t been a bigger priority for the federal government.

I saw Scott Gottleib (the former head of the FDA being interviewed) and he quoted a recent study that stated that if we could get 60% of the public wearing masks that were 60% effective that we could essentially end the pandemic. I would assume those masks would need to be N-95s or better.

Oh believe me, the entire meltdown because we threw away the plan has been more than a joke. Charge people who were suppose to protect us, I have no problem with that. If they want to defend themselves and their actions in the courts, have at it.

You’re a pretender that lives in fear with loaded guns and locked doors. I don’t have any guns and may or may not remember to lock my doors. Who lives in fear, LOL, I have no problem wearing a mask to protect my fellow man. You have a problem being asked not to threaten the lives of your family and friends. Five minutes out of my day vs 24 hours a day for you worrying about the next knock on the door.


Does any of that discredit any of what I said?

Discredit? Nope. I just think it adds some relevant color. I thought a bit more detail was in order. The main thing that I wanted to relay is that when accounting for time CV has been more than two times deadly for sure and perhaps has actually been almost 9 times deadly.

In order for a fair apples to apples comparison the duration of the flu and CV outbreaks need to be accounted for.