Covid Opt-out question

I saw that Ke’Shawn Vaugh, the rookie from Vanderbilt decided to opt-out this season.

My question is, if say a 5th round player or whatever (Vaugh was a 3rd) decides to opt-out, are they guaranteed the money? I’m just wondering if a lot of bubble type players will decide to opt-out instead of possibly getting cut and not making a team…or can a team cut a player who decides to opt-out? Does this opt-out year count as a year in the league, as I believe it’s like 4 or 5 years and you get a pension and other benefits from the NFL.

Anyone got the details on how all this works?..just curious.

What i read in one article was that players opting out will get paid $150,000. I will see if i can find it, think it was an ESPN article from the first opt outs talking about the changes made to the CBA for this season that got signed over the weekend.

Found it.

This explains it pretty well.

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One thing that article leaves out is employee benefits. I believe they do qualify for insurance, 401k etc.

Holy BaJesus, not sure why I can’t wrap my head around this.

I guess my starting confusion is with the word “tolled” or “freezed” and the impact of just that part of it.

So all monies, stipends, advances aside

Are they saying that…

If a player has a current contract that runs through 2023, that if he opts out, his contract would freeze, and then pick back up in 2021 and now push his contract though 2024?

That’s correct

Is there an opt-out deadline?

To voluntarily opt out the deadline is August 4th.

After Aug 4th only players deemed high risk can opt out. They have the right to opt out at anytime.

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I’m opting out of Covid.


Good article, covers it pretty well. Seems to be about as fair to both sides as it could be given the circumstances.

As long as the player is not considered high risk. If the player is high risk and opts out the season is still counted as an accrued year or 1 less year under contract.

This would make sense for vet’s esp as it adds a year towards their pension eligibility.

we get hit by a high number of players "opting out and our season is done before it begins/shot in the ace.