Cowboy Up!

Now I haven’t dressed up as a cowboy since I was 9 years old at Halloween one year. But damn, I thought Rodrigo looked tight in his get up!

So where’s that store? downtown off Woodward or West Side in Dearborn or what? I could just google it, but me lazy! But it was a good look. Not that I could pull it off, but…


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Paul Bissonnette Barstool Sports GIF by Watson Gloves


It’s in Detroit’s Mexicantown.

Nice area. I remember about 30 years ago working with a guy and we were driving through Detroit. He wanted to stop in and see his mother, who lived in Mexican town. We walked into this dilapidated house and there were like four people sleeping on the couch and on the floor in the living room. It was about 10 o’clock in the morning and we went into the kitchen and his mother and someone else, I can’t remember exactly who, were sitting at the kitchen table underneath a bare, dangling lightbulb, drinking Budweiser‘s and being a little north of sober. That vision has always stuck in my head whenever I hear Mexican town.


It’s literally called Rodriguez Vaquerita?

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