One is an Eagles fan, the other is a Seahawks fan. They both watched the game and were floored by what they watched. They don’t think this is going to go away as a controversy.

Sorta like the Calvin Johnson thing.

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I know it doesn’t give us a win, but the alternative is people rolling their eyes at us.

I haven’t gone to work yet, but my entire day will consist of dealing with Packer fans. At least you guys that live in the D or somewhere else don’t have to look at the Green and Gold today. :kicksstones:

The most that will come out of this is a little sympathy and maybe a rule change in the offseason that never really gets implemented (like the fake PI replay rule that they refuse to enforce).

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My die-hard Packer customer texted a picture of a ref wearing a cheesehead hat. Said he’d be ticked if he were a Lions fan and even went on to say that the NFL sucks.

You know the NFL has wet the bed when a fan of the team that was gifted a win doesn’t want it.

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Meant to post it here… Cheifs message board on Lions Packers game

I know its easy for everyone to say. Im not even going to waste much typing space on it. I called the ending of this game before it even happened. Ive got the screen captures on my phone, and I said that as soon as they threw the first hands to the face “penalty” that the game was fixed, and Green Bay would win.
I called it again when there was PI, that no flag would be thrown. And as soon as I saw the flag after the Lions stopped Green Bay for a 2nd time, that it would be hands to the face, which would allow GB to kick a last second FG.

30 full minutes before the game had ended, I had already predicted the ending. Im done with the NFL. Its not a bitter fan thing. Its not a “Detroit vs Everybody” thing. Its the NFL. They are blatantly fixing games. End of story. So, Im done. Ill go back to hockey, which is my first love anyways. Im not watching another football game for the rest of the regular season. IF the Lions make the playoffs, Ill watch, and be reminded why I stopped watching to begin with. Until the NFL hires real full time officials, I can’t even call it a sport. Its clearly a giant marketing/reality TV show that the winners are prepicked before hand, and there are teams/players who will always get favored and thats just the way it is. Its not just the Lions getting fucked. Its cities all over. In speaking of co-workers, I had people from 6 different states who all follow different teams, blowing up my phone to say they can’t believe what they just saw. If its clear to even casual fans who don’t have a vested interest in the teams, what more validation does one need?

So, hope you guys do well and honestly this board is a ton of fun, but NFL football isnt worth my time anymore. Ill stick to college, and pray the day comes that some owner has the balls to come out and call out the league for the fixed bullshit it is. That won’t happen, as they all get a nice huge slice of financial pie to pass around to keep the others in line.

Couple Seahawk fans in our dynasty league

My coworker is a Packers fan who also happens to be the brother of a former Packers player and the first thing he said to me was, “you guys got screwed.”

People keep saying “oh, there’s going to be a rule change!” No there isn’t. The rule changes don’t happen for the Lions, we don’t mean enough. And we don’t need rule changes. We just need the refs to enforce the rules as they are.

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