Ok, the NFL flexed the lions week 16 game. Bevell and Stafford, by accounts from beat writers, sound very relaxed and excited… bears this week, bears are sinking fast.

What if?? The NFL knows bevell will be a better coach, expects the lions (plans for???) to string together some wins, and that week 14 game actually might mean something???

Am I connecting all the wrong dots? Maybe. Actually, probably. But! If you think the nfl is fixed, or they have some overseeing know it all able to reliably predict the future… who knows???

Also, funny that if bevell comes out and just beats the bears, he’ll tie Patricia’s win record against the division AND beat a team MP never could. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that one…

Discuss!!! (Or don’t)


Teams more often than not play better for a time after a coach is fired in season. When that coach is disliked as much as Patricia I’m betting you’re going to see a lions team that plays like their life depends on winning.


So the national audience didn’t get enough of a Detroit beat down on Thanksgiving? :joy:

It would really speak to Patricia’s ineptness if they suddenly put wins together and played better…

Is KG suddenly healthy??


Maybe KG is, and Swift too!

Lol in all honesty I think they got flexed because of Tampa, not because of them… but…

Ok sorry I misspoke it’s week 16 not 14. That being said, games still on Sunday are…

Ravens NYG
Colts Pitt
LA Seattle
Browns jets
Philly Dallas

Just a few of them, I tried to pick out somewhat comparable matchups, or potentially meaningful games… why did they pick TB Detroit?

I have no idea how all that works and I’m sure there was some sort of ratings consideration taken in, most likely “let’s not bury Tom Brady on a full slate of Sunday games” but maybe, just maybe… the nation wants to see a revamped, energized, NEW ATTITUDE LIONS!


I could see the Lions winning the next 2. I will be betting on them to beat the Bears this week straight up. Patricia cast a dark shadow over this team, and while Bevell is not a good coach, he is not a clown and the team will play hard for him. Lions could beat Chicago and GB to get to 6-7 but then will get man handled against the Titans.


Yes agree too, and man, if the lions miraculously beat the bears and the Vikings/packers, or all three? Just saying… this season may not be over yet!

Whoa I missed this… so they flexed week 14 to later AND week 16?

What if bevell goes 4-1/5-0? Even maybe 3-2 but wins out in the division? How does that change the future landscape of the team moving forward?

yeah…i saw your post correcting yourself and i was confused because i did see the green bay game…so they get rid of Patricia and earn two more National games…maybe the clown shirt really did impact them… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Lol yeah so I went back to correct the post because I initially was referring to the TB game, but then the GB game got flexed too so…

What if the lions go on a roll?!?!?!?!?!

I will say this… I don’t KNOW the NFL is rigged, but, I have my suspicions… the Broncos game this weekend being a somewhat decent example, not to mention all the shafts lions have gotten… that being said, I’m not going to say it is rigged or like WWF. But if you want to convince me otherwise, you probably won’t have a hard time…

Regardless, I do find it interesting the lions now have had 2 games flexed to prime spots. Maybe the NFL Secret Service knows that just having an interim coach is good for a couple unexpected wins and making it interesting… maybe it’s just all an elaborate plot to screw the lions, convince them to keep bevell as HC, miss out on Saleh or someone else… and continue to be the Cubs of the NFL.

This day and age, I question, but I don’t doubt anything

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There were five candidate games for flexing, and Lions Buccs was presumably chosen as Broncos @ Chargers and Browns @ Jets (the two games that weren’t flexed) are really bad matchups. Its also telling that the Lions game is in the early timeslot.

Very confident that there’s no pro-Lions conspiracy going on here.


Most likely they just want to showcase 2 of the NFL Favs (Brady and Rodgers) as they have career days against this Detroit Defense.


Is browns jets that much worse of a matchup than lions TB?

Yeah this is the most likely scenario too… I agree


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Jets suck.

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The games were flexed because Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will help draw in a larger audience. That is probably the only reason. It has nothing to do with the Lions. Other than people that watch every NFL game and Lions fans, who in the hell is going to tune in to watch the Lions play?

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Just kidding.

It’s a 1pm game on a Saturday the day after Christmas, I don’t think most of America is going to be tuning in to that game.

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