Crazy Draft Thought - What if?

What if the Bengals don’t do what everyone expects them to do. What if they pass on Burrows? Let’s not forget the Bengals could have had Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Carson Wentz.

What if…

  1. Mia decides Burrows or Tua is worth putting together a massive trade package for and Cincy accepts. Cincy is thinking they can trade down, stock pile picks and still take a QB with one their multiple picks that they acquired from Mia.

  2. What if Cincy drafts Young at 1?

  3. Or what if they take Tue or Herbert instead?

Can you imagine the monkey Wrench that could cause in this draft?

  1. What if Burrows is available at 3 and the Lions have no trade offers. Should they take him?

What other crazy scenario’s can you think of?

Keep in mind we’re talking about Cincy. They are dysfunctional almost as bad as the Lions are. Anything is plausible.

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If I was Cincy I draft Herbert over Burrows regardless…This would not shock me . I draft Tua (Pre Injury) over Burrows as well …The last thing I want at #3 is a QB . If they go that route I hope to GOD it’s Herbert .

I honestly do not think Burrows is the lock some do. I could see Cincy drafting Young and passing on a QB all together. It wouldn’t be the first time they passed on a QB.

If Burrow is at 3 you take him IMO. I would feel the same way about Tua if there wasn’t the injury issue.

There are a lot of ways to improve but the most direct is to get better QB play. I’m a Stafford fan but if we think we have a chance to grab an elite QB, you do it.

Still think it’s:

1:) Burrow
2:) Tua (MIA gives up two firsts+)
3:) Young

IF the specialists are satisfied with Tua’s medicals.

Burrow is a lock to go #1. Let’s not kid ourselves. If you were to bet $100 on Joe Burrow to go #1 you would profit $3.

Joe Burrow going #1 is the biggest lock in the draft since Andrew Luck.

And it’s not for football reasons either.

Keep in mind we’re talking Cincy here. They passed on D. Haskins, L. Jackson, P. Mahomes, and D. Watson in the last 3 drafts. They haven’t seemed to put much emphasis on drafting a QB replacement.

Drafting Burrow has as much to do with making Mike Brown money as it does him being good at football.

They have the worst attendance in the league and the Bengals are Mike Brown’s only source of income. He actually lives off the Bengals money instead just holding on to the team as an appreciating asset like the other owners do.

Joe Burrow is from Ohio and his jersey will be the best selling Bengal Jersey of alltime before the season starts and attendance will be higher than it’s been in decades.

They are drafting him for business reasons as much as football reasons


I agree with the above few, Burrow is going to Cincy. But for the theoretical sake, I agree with you. Draft Burrow, let the league know they can get a franchise QB for cheap. Let a bidding war begin.

All I know for sure is that if Burrow is a bust, he has a ready-made nickname for angry fans. Donkey.

You are absolutely right. The fans expect it. We can all agree he may not be the right choice but the owner/GM/Coach will be hated and crucified if he isn’t the pick. From the owner’s perspective he will sell seats and Jerseys (maybe get some season ticket holders to not bail) and that is MONEY, which has motivated Cinci’s direction for a long time. From the GMs perspective it buys him time and from the coaches perspective it gives them a chance (or an excuse) if he doesn’t live up to expectations. Vegas understands and the odds are not off.

Air made me think a little with this one. Cinci coached the South team and got to work with Herbert all week long. They had a chance to talk to him a lot and see him first hand. They got to show him play design and watch how quickly he picked it up and what his feedback was on the playbook. He did have a great performance both passing and running. He stood tall in the pocket was able to move around and broke a few potential tackles to make plays. He may have earned their heart and mind and maybe the #1 pick.

Don’t forget one of his incompletions was a spike to stop the clock.

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They slo-mo’d one where he was scrambling to his left, squared his shoulders and through an off-balance pass to the receiver… the receiver couldn’t handle the ball, with it going right through his hands. To be on the run toward the sideline and get off that throw with that velocity says a lot about his talent.

Wouldn’t Haskins have been a bigger draw if it were Jersey sales they were after? … Besides my not sure Young wouldn’t sell more Jerseys than Burrows.

With Cincys track record of passing on QB’s I can’t view a QB as a lock like others do.

The Bengals haven’t really drafted the way people expected they would either.

As the titles of the thread says. Crazy Thought but is it really that far fetched to think they could go a different direction than Burrows?

Joe Burrow is from Ohio and just put together the greatest season a college quarterback ever has and won a national championship.

Neither Haskins or Chase did that or are from Ohio.

They played for Ohio State.