Crazy, out of the box trade

What if Bob Quinn grew a set of coconuts and traded Stafford to Miami for their #5.

Then drafts Herbert and one of (Simmons, Okudah, Thomas, Wirfs, Brown)…

I haven’t even started drinking yet, but that popped into my head. Miami gets their QB, we keep our pick and get theirs. We get a 10 year younger, healthier version of Stafford plus another potential game changer.

Oh boy, that is crazy…but not totally all that crazy, if you know what I mean.

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Yeah. Not realistic, but could you imagine??

Say we did that. Picked #3 and #5. Then trade our (2) 3rd round picks to move back into the 2nd.

Draft 2 top 5 guys and 2 second rounders. NOW you have a very young core to build around and on rookie deals.

I just don’t think there is any chance we are hanging banners next year, so I feel if you’re going to lose, might as well lose with a young core of guys then like last year, when we won 3 damn games with an older core of guys like (Stafford, Slay, Snacks, Flowers, etc). Some hope for the future at least.

I have more faith in a half broken Tua, than I do in Herbert. I could be wrong, but I think Herbert is gonna be a bust


Miami wouldn’t give up #5OA for Stafford

I just used Herbert since he is trending to be the 2nd QB taken… I hear ya

Yeah, it’s hard to say the value Stafford holds at this point, but as they say, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

For the next few years, Miami could have Matthew Stafford playing like Matthew Stafford. Or, they could have Herbert who could play like Ryan Leaf.

Agreed, Herbert is one of those great tools but lacking toolbox type players.
If this trade went down, I’m taking Tua all day even with the big injury risk.

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I’ll be honest. I haven’t been great at judging QBs coming into the league. I thought Leaf would be better than Manning. I thought Joey was going to be elite. I thought Jake Locker was going to be a stud.

I could see Herbert being the next Leaf or the next Aaron Rodgers. No in between, lol.

If the Jags offered up 9, 20, and mid round pick I’d take it in a heartbeat. My draft would end up looking like 9:Kinlaw/Chaisson and 20:Terrell/Gantley.