Credit to Brad Holmes for Hiding His Draft Strategy

I have zero thoughts on what we might do. Edge player, QB, Walker, Hamilton or even a CB…all are possibilities. There is no way anyone knows what the Lions are thinking.

They also did this last season. No tip of the hand at all. I had no idea they loved Sewell that much.

I believe the Lions love Hutchinson’s passion for the game but I also believe they love Thibs elite burst and Walker’s position flexibility. Hamilton plays the position we need the most. We seem set for a trade down.

Really well done again this year.


I have to agree. We have seen drafts put us at DE, S, and QB, and even in the event of a trade down, no one knows what we are targeting. Just adds WR, DT, LB and CB. Ideally confusing.


well, they did say they love Goff so unless they are smoke screening, it’s pretty obvious they aren’t going to draft QB


He’s still a new GM and is operating under that unknown very well. After this draft and next year’s I’m sure we’ll start to see some tendencies, similar to what we’ve all kind of assumed about him already (i.e. drafts safeties WRs and LBs late). But I agree, he does a great job of being very open and honest and at the same time never showing his hand. Similar to Yzerman in some ways I feel.

In hindsight, one of the worst things Quinn did while he was here was say “stafford is our QB”, in so many words. But he was always very adamant and supportive of him, which is fine, except for the fact we were picking in the top of the draft in a pretty strong QB class and he gave away they wouldn’t consider a QB. He was not a good poker player.

What’s different about this staff is while they have been very supportive of Goff, they’ve been pretty clear in the “we evaluate every player and think about how they can help our team and we don’t rule anything out.” I’m paraphrasing but that’s the impression I’ve gotten. And when you do that, everything is on the table. So then, whether they are true to their word, or they throw a curve ball and do something unexpected, they never show their hand and can potentially catch other teams off guard.

I only hope that we can have this GM for 20 years so we have a real analysis of tendencies and all that because he drafted and acquired players so well and built us into a consistent winning team.


I don’t know about that, I think they’ve left that door open. When Dan Campbell said that whole thing about when you are ready for that guy, is it this year or next year or two years, you go get him.

So to me that sounded like they are good with Goff for now, but at a moments notice that can change.

That’s also just my interpretation. The proof, as always, will be in the pudding!


Ron Wood said that about Goff then Campbell noted something like “you don’t need elite QB play to win in this league” so who knows what that means. That smells like it is a false statement or that the Lions could very well go QB still. If the Lions are thinking QB they don’t want a team to trade to #1 ahead of them.


to paraphrase they said they like Goff, think he finished the season well, we’re excited to move forward with him, and that we have our QB…

coupled with the fact they they only sent one low level scout to Malik’s pro day and haven’t contacted the coach…

tells me they aren’t into drafting a top QB. At least not this year


True… but then they had a portion of the senior bowl inside the den where Ben Johnson was working with him closely…

Not that other teams are watching Inside the Den… although they probably are!

I hear what you’re saying and I lean toward agreeing with you where their actual intentions are. However, I feel they’ve done enough to kind of throw a little gray area “but if the guy is there…” kinda thing.


Great thread. Detroit could do anything at No. 2, but I’ll just point out that it could be due to the lack of talent across the entire roster, not just Holmes’ brilliance.


I’ve thought the same. But you’d think they would at least reach out to his coach


True… but maybe they have and they told him to be quiet? I dunno… the smoke and mirrors is in full swing!


frustrated homer simpson GIF


“The ring fell off my pudding can.”

“Use my pen knife, my good man. I swear it’s springfields only choice, lift up your hands and raise your voice!”

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Bro, it’s “Hammy”

Completely agree about not having a friggin’ clue about what we’re gonna do @ #2

I believe the Lions love winning, and that’s why they will choose Willis. :wink:


He’s gonna outperform any Lions fan expectations

Now craving bread pudding

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We’er excited to develop his trade value while he grooms Willis. We’re excited to move forward with him and boost the overall value of our team.

Godfather, ppl are failing to recognize Fox’s ability to help develop a young QB. Nobody even talks about it…WTF???

It’s awesome sauce! And no one is bringing him up, but he’s a Detroit boy and might be able to lock down half the field day one. I honestly wonder why no one else is even talking about this option if we can shift one of our cbs to safety. I’d LOVE it if we drafted awesome sauce!


I don’t know much about him. I will be 100% behind whoever we get. I trust the best looking GM in the league!

Also - this year, its not unusual. I don’t think we know what jax is doing. No idea what Houston is doing. Its also a weak draft class at the very top, so no one knows what any of the top drafting teams are doing.

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Seems Brad gets alot credit for everything except our three win season.


Before leading Dallas to Super Bowl wins, Jimmy Johnson went 1-15 and 7-9.

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