********Current Practice Squad********

Practice Squad members: 10
Last Updated 4:45 pm, EST
Members of the Lions 2019 practice squad
DT John Atkins
WR Jonathan Duhart
WR Tom Kennedy
LB Steve Longa
TE Isaac Nauta
T Matt Nelson
LB Anthony Pittman
RB Mark Thompson
TE Austin Traylor
Not so fast but worth paying attention to
Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reported linebacker Jason Cabinda was headed to Detroit, but it appears that is no longer the case with a full practice squad. It’s still possible the Lions find room for him by making other moves, but for now, he is not part of the Lions organization.

Update According to his social media account, it appears Cabina is currently flying to Detroit, possibly to take a physical.

No PJ Johnson?
Dave Birkett ‏ @ davebirkett

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Lions cut 7th round pick DT PJ Johnson. He’ll be back on practice squad if he clears waivers.

8:54 AM - 31 Aug 2019

No OL? Perfect, and no Matt Nelson doesn’t qualify.

Wow! Longa, Nuata, and Thompson all cleared?

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And what happened to Austin Bryant?

Bryant is on the 53 man roster

There’s speculation that Bryant is headed for the IRETR, (Eligible To Return).

Surprised PJ Johnson wasn’t signed to the PS. The need wasn’t there I guess.

Also surprised there’s no DBs. In the absence of a better option, I’d sign Tabor to the PS.

They really do need a decent OT development guy, Crosby scares the hell out of me.

Couldn’t they find a super fast WR?

OK, now ~that’s~ funny.

Tabor is out of the NFL.