Curtis Samuel to the Skins

3 year deal worth 35 mill.


I liked him. Not at that price though

I think that’s a great price. He’s 24 and got J Crowder money… a few bucks more than Cole Beasley.

If we had the budget, I’d have paid.


^ What he said

Damn I was hoping we could get him too.

Looking like a WR early is a strong possibility.

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I want to take a second to point out how the receiver market can be. Cole Beasley signed that deal “at” 30 years old. Just, wow.

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Samuel feels like he’s on his way up. You’re paying for what he will do rather than what he has already done.

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And yet it ended up being a great signing. I remember laughing at the Bills for making that
offer. Shows what I know.

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This was always his most likely destination with the Rivera connection.

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