D’Andre Swift may be Bob Quinn’s most important pick ever-- Why this pick is everything for the Lions’ general manager

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Still shocked we got him at #35. Finally, a running game for Stafford. Okay Matt, your show now, no excuses.


Yup! Time to kick some ass!

the video in that article is awesome
he seems to run fast and move to space … in a flash – wow
seems like as sure a pick as your going to get

the offense now has a chance to really up its game

Swift is elusive, but still big enough to break tackles. He’s gonna be a difference maker.

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Scheme and online ! Then let him loose!!


You know what I saw in that video besides the fact that Swift is really really good? Georgia’s down field blocking by their wide receivers was really really good.

Downfield blocking by the wide receivers is usually the difference between a 12 yard gain and a 40 yard gain. I hope our wide receivers can do that. It seems in the NFL most of them are too diva to do that

If you watch the Barry Sanders highlights all over the internet… and look for it… you see the Lions wide receivers doing a great job down field. It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to breaking them for a homerun


Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the Lions picked the physical Cephus over either DJP or KJ Hill.


Good thought…


This line was funny and so so pathetically sad “ But Swift is something special and he comes to Detroit to fill a void that’s been a void so long, if it were a person it’d be graduating from college this year.”:man_facepalming:t2:



What separates Swift from KJ is: Swift doesn’t get caught from behind. He eats up angles and his 2nd 20yds appear to be faster than his first 20yds. So, if he gets a crease…See ya! Good pick by BQ. Let’s hope the OLine gives him creases.


D’Andre Swift’s footwork:


This dude is gonna be NAAAASTY. I never buy into rookie hype, not even w/Barry, Suh, or Calvin.

I really believe this dude is going to open a can of whip ass like we haven’t seen, since #20 retired.

Offense will help the D a lot by TOP and playing with a lead.