D-Line Top 4?

According to the PFF NFL show, they are. Top five discussion starts at the 1:12 mark. Seems a little high to me, but what do I know? I’m just some schmuck sitting in his basement.


If we are talking about starting 4 only.

Yea absolutely top 4!

Best inside duo in the nfl.

And 2 above average ends. With the potential to be even better.


Haven’t read/warched interview.
Assuming 3 starters Hutch, Alim and Reader. Is fourth Commish, Paschal, Houston or Davenport?
I’m going to Davenport, but i want to throw out a vote that Paschal might be the guy here.
Houston was “looking” like he was playing more SAM before he got injured.

I’m hoping it’s Paschal. Obviously I would like another Holmes pick to hit and he shown some flashes last year. I think there’s something there. Hopefully he’s over the injury bug and this is his breakout year. But no problem if Davenport turns out to be the guy. Kind of in the same boat as Paschal, without the pick investment. Time to see what both are made out of.


That’s my breakout player prediction. Paschal pulls a year 3 Alim and Iffy.


Its going to be a rotation anyway. Hutch mac and Reader will be on the field for 80%+ of defensive snaps.

The 4th will rotate based on need. Unless someone really breaks out i dont see any one over 40% of snaps

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Wouldn’t that be a nice pleasant surprise?


Nice - yes
Pleasant - yes
Surprise - Not to me. :wink:



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This thread aint done yet…

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Man I hope you guys are right

I just don’t see it.

I see a versatile depth role player rotation guy who is capped at solid. The type will do his job and make other people around him better.

That’s not a bad thing. I just don’t see a starting DE, that #2 we need across from Hutchinson

Davenport if healthy, I think is that guy

If him & Houston show out the way they have for stretches in the past…consistently.

We will be dominant


First off you you have to do something “great” to be great. We were 2nd in yards against rushing and 3rd in yards against per attempt.

They added one of the top 5-6 run defenders in the NFL… Reader

Hutch/Comish- that is an elite rotation against the run

Alim/Reader/Bro Mart- that is an elite rotation against the run- the spent a lot to trade up for Bromart- I see 700 snaps for Alim, 500 Reader, 400 bromart and a nice little interior pass rush rotation sharing 500-600 others.

That leaves the Davenport/Paschal duo, and many forget 2 years ago Davenport was an 88.8 rating- stud against the run and 9 sack edge… many forget how high Holmes was on Paschal is is claiming to finally be healthy. He was a tackle for loss maven at Kentucky.

Then you have Levi, Wingo, and Houston rounding it out. Consider Levi and Wingo both had elite pass rush win rates their final year in college, I’d say at least one is likely to be the 3rd down pressure guy we’ve been missing inside. If Davenport can’t bounce back- I think we see a lot of Houston moving around as a flame thrower on passing downs.

I’ve seen enough to believe that…

Hutch- likely top 5 DE or better
Alim- top 10-12 DT
Reader- top 4-6 NT

Levi O
Bro Mart

Just seeing the 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd etc round talent as depth… vs Udfa. Love it


Some of you guys sure have a lot more faith in Davenport than I do. The injuries are the biggest concern, of course, but even when he was mostly healthy in 2022, when he played 15 games, he only had 1 sack (a half sack actually).

There were also some huge concerns about his desire to play. The concerns were big enough that I was really surprised when the Lions signed him.

For me, this was definitely a hope for the best, but expect the worst type of signing.


Like Josh, Davenport has had his share of injuries over the past several years, but his 23 sacks over six years is quite disappointing. Paschal is even worse on a per season sack rate but he started behind the 8 ball with significant injuries at the beginning of his career. Hopefully one of them steps up. We need it.


Mo cheese agrees with you someone needs to step up


Welcome to The Den, DaisyThe-cow57.

I’m trying to deconstruct your Den handle and I’m thinking Mo Cheese is your rap name. I’m thinking 57 refers to the last NFL Championship season we had, since it’s probably not Nate Lynn’s jersey number you’re highlighting. I’m thinking you are particularly fond of yogurt.

Don’t tell me. I prefer cybersleuthing…

Davenport with the Saints. From 2018-2021 was the 3 or 4th best front 7 player. And he was very productive. 5% pressure rate. On par with Hutch.

When he was forced to be the 1 or 2 in 2020, 2022 and with MIN. He struggled.

We dont need him to play 800 snaps a season.

Just need a solid 40% of defensive snaps and be that #4 DL player.

They will still rotate in Paschal, Houston, Comish etc.

That will keep him fresh and more productive. Im not saying hes gonna have a 10 sack season. But if he stays near that 5% pressure rate. The sacks will come. Maybe not from him. But team sacks absolutely

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I think he should copy McNeill’s strategy and drop a few pounds…
maximize his quickness off the ball.

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If he puts up that kind of production I would be very happy.

I’m hopeful, but skeptical.

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