D. Watson

Starting a new topic because I don’t want to talk about Goff endlessly anymore.

Wondering if people think he is actually going to get suspended. And if so, will it be for much?

The Browns acquisitions all seem to indicate they have inside knowledge that he is going to get nothing or a couple games. Am I reading too far into it?


I’ve read anywhere up to six games.

He’s clearly going to be suspended. Duration and timing are anyone’s guess.

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Given how they worked his contract where it pays him a million this year……yeah, he is getting suspended and HE SHOULD BE……


He’s going to be suspended 6 - 10 games minimum and I could actually see it potently being the whole season.

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Do they have the cap space to keep Mayfield around?

Word this morning is his lawyer expects an announcement from the NFL end of June.

I think it’ll be at 4:59pm thr Friday of the 3 day Independence Day weekend, cause it won’t be news The Shield wants optimal circulation on.

Here is the other thing I was reading this week…

MLB suspended Trevor Bauer for Three Hundred Twenty Four games…2 Full Seasons, after having him on Paid Admin leave for 3/4 of a season.

Bauer, if unfamiliar, has had 3 or 4 (I forget) allegations of abusive sex and unconscious sex with what were at the outset, willing participants. The details are very ugly, Bauer is generally despised by his teammates for being a vile shytebag, to the point they asked Dodgers management to not reinstate him…yikes. Criminal charges were looked at but rejected…and MLB NUKED him anyways.

Does the NFL (arguably the most female fan friendly mens sports league) now want to look like the league that soft-pedals a giant hot button issue when compared to MLB (and the NHL recently wiping out all kinds of coaches and execs for covering up a coach sexually assaulting a player 10 years ago).

Watson’s contract beyond being fully guaranteed, shifted all but $1M in salary to 2023 and beyond, so if he is suspended, he loses only that 1million or a fraction of it.

Cleveland HAD to have given the League Office a call to suss out the basic yes/no of a suspension…why else structure the contract that way? Why do they still have Baker Mayfield?

Yeah, he is getting suspended.

Might be longer than people think…

There ya go @BigNatty


So perhaps Baker aint done in Cleveland just yet. It sure doesn’t sound like he has any interest in playing for the Browns though.


Man if the league gave them a tacit ‘no - it’s fine’ then end up suspending him for two years……I hope Cleveland recorded the call

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Because they can’t trade him and if they cut him they save nothing. It’s been said that there has been an offer(s), but it included the Browns carrying much of his contract. They declined. It appears that they will carry him until a needy team requires some help and is willing to do what is necessary to try and stay in the hunt.

But if Watson gets suspended for say 6-8 games, who the heck is playing QB for them?

You’ll have to ask them…

So what I am thinking is this:

Baker doesn’t want to play lame duck.

The browns (rotoworld today) are thinking of changing to a spread offense. That seems like an indicator to me they think 4 games or less.

@Weaselpuppy great points and I hadn’t even thought about MLB.

@QBHATER90 didn’t know about the 1M. That seems telling as you said.

It just seems like Cleveland’s signings, offense changes, and badmouthing of Baker all suggest they think it’s going to be a slap on the wrist.

For the sake of the the message it sends and PR for the league, I hope that it’s not the case.


If the shocker don’t fit, you must acquit.


That kind of salary structure is common enough that I don’t think it specifically indicates anything. Josh Allen had $920k in salary the first year of his new contract. Mahomes was at $825k. Stafford has a $1.5M salary this year, the first year of his new extension. Aaron Rodgers salary is $1.15M. Tom Brady’s salary is $1.015M.


I believe they signed Jacoby brissett as their backup who may be starting for the 6th games

So naturally, that is all true, however, that does not mean that it did not factor in THIS contract structure. And it was significant enough that it is something that people in the media, gm’s are pointing to as an indicator of what could be coming down the pike. The dude is getting suspended. Deservedly so.

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He was basically suspended with pay last season, to what extent that enters in to the conversation will be interesting.

If they think he’s getting suspended…then they think he is getting suspended. But if they are saying the contract structure is the indicator…they are full of shit. Its too common of a structure to have meaning. It would be like saying they think he’s getting suspended because he doesn’t get any roster bonuses.

This is your opinion. Unless you know specifics to the Browns deal and what motivated how they moved the money around then you don’t really know much and are just hypothesizing based on similar examples. It is possible, in fact, it is actually what was motivating the first year in THIS case. It does not matter how common a structure is…what matters is what the logic is to apply it in their particular situation.

Carry on… :kissing_heart: