Daily affirmations for Lions fans

Old Man Ford gave Matt Millen a second contract.

Mantra for staying vigilant…

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Zen Budddist masters nowadays prefer that exact koan rather than “The sound of one hand clapping” to frustrate reason and guide their pupils to enlightenment. You could look it up…
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“The fight isn’t over until I quit fighting.” -Me

You can’t sue Darwin…

You Better Call Saul…

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[quote=“Sofatso, post:86, topic:6476”]
You Better Call Saul…

Saul Goodman Quarantine GIF by Better Call Saul

Futile…But go for it Jimmy, er Saul…lol

In Dan we trust.
In Brad we trust.
In Bran we trust.

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Colon Blow!

The REAL Breakfast of Champions!