Dak Prescott extension could cost Cowboys $30M per year


Would you guys be ready to hand that out to him?

Shit, what is the QB market now? That might be about what he should get. He’s not in the upper echelon by any definition, but he’s good enough to win and has the right system around him.

too much

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Man, I’d have a hard time making Trent Dilfer one of the highest paid QBs of his time.

Can we agree that the market is definitely messed up a little?

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Yes, the market is a mess. But I still hope Dallas pays him and severely hamstrings their cap.

Trying to keep historical perspective on QB contracts is wild from the numeric standpoint. I think Russell Wilson was not off on the cap percentage approach. That too has its problems if you bet on the wrong guy. But much of football is talent identification.

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I’m definitely not trying to defend the QB market. It is what it is. Alex Smith could probably get close to that kind of money if he were 8 years younger. Tom Brady’s former clipboard holder became the highest paid player in NFL history a few years ago, for crying out loud. If you can propel a ball further than 15 yards and have a positive TD/INT percentage, someone will offer you an 8 digit contract.

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What I wonder is how many years (if at all) it takes for the NFL to decide they’re better off drafting a boatload of QBs and playing the best one until their rookie contract is over., then move on.

If enough teams do enough of that, supply of competent QBs goes up, price comes down.

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Matt Patricia is a disgrace. You guys are losers!

Oh wait. My bad. I am on the wrong forum.


Pat Kirwan said this a few years ago when a string of mediocre QBs were getting big deals. He said he could see a day when you have a competent QB but then spend a 1st round pick on another one anyways. Now you’ve either got leverage in negotiations vs the current starter or you’ve got a backup plan. Either way its worth the investment of the draft pick.

They front loaded it with $37M hitting the cap in year 1 and most of the rest of the deal is still nearly $27M per year. That’s insane.

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Please please let the QB market keep flying high…keeps Staffy’s trade value up…21.5m a year for 2 yrs will seem pretty spiffy after the 2020 season.

Read it again. Stafford will be getting paid 50% less than Dak Prescott in 2021 and 2022 it looks like.

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That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the details of the contract, Weasel.

We have him until 2020 or 2021. That we didn’t draft a QB this year makes me think 2021 is the year…

Then a trade is win/win. We get huge cap savings, the other team gets him relatively cheap…

If, somehow, he rises to the task and plays at an elite level, we keep him.


I was going to make a comment about coffee, but since beating a dead horse is your MO I’ll pass. This entire trade scenario is just the epitome of wishful thinking that has no merit. IF he’s not good enough for us, why would he have value somewhere else? Are we still “thinking” about getting 5 draft picks in return as you have previously suggested? C’mon man, thinking he has to be “elite” to finish out his contract is again w/o merit. He has to bring consistency w/o turnovers, that’s it.

I was referring back to the time of contract formation.

If all you need is a game manager who doesn’t turn the ball over and completes routine passes, you can do it for far less a percentage of the cap than 15%.

Why would he have value elsewhere? I’ve tried to explain, but you’re too busy being outraged and defensive to see what I’m saying. Thanks for that…

Each team gets financial break in a trade. Trade partner gets him for what he’s worth, not for what we’d have to pay for him. We get picks, probably also future picks, which Quinn, from the Patriots personnel background, might tend to value more than the services of an aging QB who got paid huge but never quite turned the corner.

It’s not inconceivable that a trade value is more than his keep value, for us. For another team? They may be in a different position.

Fair market value deals happen all the time. Even in the NFL.

Don’t know how many picks we’d get. Could be a lot. Especially if he can manage to finish in the top 10 in any category this year (which is more than I can say for 2018).


I’m always outraged by ill thought comments. And you’re too busy following me around with spitting out coffee comments to actually consider the merits of what I have to say, You talk out of both sides of your mouth and want to be taken seriously. On the one hand you want Stafford gone and I say, “pray tell, who would you take?” Your answer is that you aren’t an expert and you trust our GM. Well, that GM is the guy who isn’t doing anything that you are suggesting and isn’t likely to either. I never said the guy was elite or underpaid, You go thru this Groundhog Day scenario with the 15%, etc, etc, etc, on a daily basis and why? YOU said it was because people were making things up about Stafford and somehow somebody died and made you the thread police and you need to correct some great injustice. You aren’t correcting anything here, you are simply acting like a fool. Maybe you aren’t acting. I’m done, you are so wrapped up in this trade scenario and the 15% that any real conversation isn’t possible. I am done replying to you, I suggest you do likewise.

Not as into the cap hit on qb’s as you are, and I’m ok with Stafford and his deal, but all this in another reason why I’m a big proponent of drafting a QB every year. We’ve done it a few times, (Kaaya comes to mind), but I wish we’d do it more. Some years, I’d be for taking 2 qb’s.

The coffee comment was to say it was funny. It was intended as a compliment. But go ahead and jump to conclusions that it was an attack.

I’m way done with you, too.

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Holy shit, a $27mil per year cap hit on a FRONT loaded contract?

The Pats are so freaking lucky that Brady doesn’t mind taking way below his market value because his wife is loaded, too.

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I agree with you about taking more QBs even if you eventually deal them away or have to let them go. You never get a chance at the next Brady if you take nobody and put all your eggs in one basket.

The reason I’m into the cap hit is that historically it’s never been done that a team has won the super bowl while allocating 15% of the cap to the QB. It may happen yet, but so far it hasn’t. I think it’s more likely to happen if the QB you’re paying that much is actually elite, but far less likely if he isn’t. If he isn’t, he’ll require more support from his team. And if you take out 15% for one guy, that leaves 35% for the rest of the offense. And I vehemently oppose robbing the defense to pay for more weapons for the offense, because defense wins.

For some perspective, look at Mahomes. 2.1% of the cap, 50 TDs, 12 INTs. For once I’d like to see us with that kind of competitive advantage. And since no QB is going to come here in FA and play for cheap (well, Jon Kitna did and people shat all over him, never mind him putting up some decent stats for the supporting cast he had).

Stafford, this year, is the highest percentage of the cap of any team. Highest. Seems to me you pay that kind of money, you better get close to the top performance.

If it were up to me, I’d be drafting viable rookies so I can free up some big time dough to build the defense.

You need draft picks, too, so if someone offered a pile of draft picks for Stafford, I’d do it and roll the dice with a rookie and a journeyman, winner gets the job. Kind of like how Seattle did it. They had Flynn under huge contract and drafted Wilson. One of them worked and it got them a super bowl. Since paying Wilson, how easy has it been for them to field a team? Wilson, by the way, is getting 14.0% of the cap this year. Do you think they’ll win their division and go on to win playoff games? Vegas has them at 40/1 for superbowl. Not exactly the favorite.

Can you imagine Matthew Stafford in a Mike Martz offense?

He’d either be the best ever, or his body would turn to dust lile being snapped by Thanos after all the hits he’d sustain.

PS Bring Back Mike Martz

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Actually, it was brilliant. The money was about to escheat and not roll over. They had cap space to burn, so they did. So they spent it all on the QB in year 1 ($28M roster bonus in year 1), but now they have him cheap going forward.

20.9% of the cap in year one, but only 10.3% of the cap in year 2. If they cut in 2020, they have $4M in dead money. Totally safe contract for the team.