Damar Hamlin given OK to resume career


I mean good for him, very lucky to be alive. But shit I’d probably become a scout or a coach at this point.


I see two scenarios here…

A. He keeps playing and has a regular career after this.

B. He suits up for a series or a play or something to lock up his comeback player of the year award and then retires.

rip to those who claimed he was dead and being played by a crisis actor.


He was cloned in record time… lol

Speaking of cloning, how’s the Sewell and Jack Fox clones coming @BigNatty has been working on those ones.

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Really not sure how to react to this. One hand says its his life and the other is looking out for his welfare. Another point is that I have zero clue of his fiscal revenue and medical coverages.

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■■■■ that!
No rest. No peace.
They can have the, “in”.
The kid was going through some serious shit.

Do another training camp, make a practice squad, and retire. Get paid, and then find a deal on ESPN/fox/cbs/abc/nbc

I’m glad he got cleared and hopefully he’s good, but man after what happened I dunno how you go back to that


wait…that’s a thing?

@DetroitStrong - missed u bud!

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We arent gonna know whats up…was it something in his physiological makeup? Electrical? That makes him a more likely candidate?

Or was it as it looked like to me, a Chris Pronger/Jiri Fischer impact one off.


I’m wishing Damar all the best :+1:.


Lol so listen, pronger went to the hospital I used to work at. He was a jerk to everyone taking care of him. From what I heard. Only slightly before my time. But I believe it, that guy is a douche.

Also worked with a nurse who personally drove a Chicago bear back to the hotel after he came in during a game. She was on the clock and probably should’ve been fired for patient abandonment. But she wasn’t. But I lost all respect for her.

Those are my stories and I’m sticking to them


Me too, I hope he’s ok and whatever it was that happened has been solidly squared away

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Lol you know how to get ahold of me!

I just can’t with Nick drafts and all that anymore. I have zero input these days… but draft day is coming up!!!

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Your 2023 comeback player of the year award goes to…

Even if he isn’t good

I still remember when he tried to take a cheap shot run on Yzerman in the playoffs and tore his ACL in the process



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Want to reiterate I DONT BELIEVE THIS AT ALL…………but had a conversation w a person recently…….and he legit looks at me and asked: “what are your thoughts on Hamlin?”

I said “it’s really great that he has made such a recovery”

and this dude responded with

“you mean the guy THEY got to replace Hamlin with”


“He died on the field dude, Hamlin isn’t alive”

“Um……ya……has anyone ever talked to you about Seroquel?”


We all know if big natty was able to make a clone of fox he would keep him. Lol