Damn It!

I swore during the Quinntricia debacle that I was done getting optimistic about this team. In the 50 years I have cheered for the Lions I have stopped counting the new and creative ways they have found to lose a game. I was all set for SOL yesterday after Washington got their 1st TD. A choke job loss was on the way. Now, I dont know how I feel. That 2nd half was set up for SOL. Instead we saw the offense respond when they needed to to maintain the lead (yes need to work on the 3 and outs but they responded) and for the love of God can somebody tell me when we got a defense?! Instead of lost, checked out, and passive they were dialed in, aggressive, and attacking (yes need to work on consistency but we have a defense which is weird)! Hutch is the real deal and ARSB is a stud. Even Goff, for all the naysaying he gets was efficient and in control of the offense. We can win with him. So here I am with a big ol glass of kool-aid in front of me do I dare trust again?


It’s going to take a playoff win to get me there. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice(more like 30+ Times). In the meantime I’m not letting wins or losses change my days.


My advice (or at least the approach I’m taking this year): expect nothing, enjoy the ride. This is not the year we’re going to compete for a super bowl. This could be the year where we create the foundation and mindset to do that. That’s going to mean ups and downs. That’s why people like roller coasters right?


See, this is where I ultimately come back to. It’s just toooooo same old same old. I want to drink the koolaid I really do but…

I’m going to enjoy no matter what .


I am definitely enjoying the win just very guarded in how far past that I go


I was talking to my brother-in-law yesterday, and it helped me to clarify my feelings. After the last 3ish years, I just want the Lions to be entertaining again. They had some moments last year, but it was hard watching loss after loss after loss.

If we can be consistently competitive in every game, and win more than a couple, I will be satisfied for the year. I would love to see like 7+ wins, but my heart won’t let me go there just yet. So, I will just take it one game at a time, and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

My brain says logically, we probably have a 6-9 win team. But I have been burned so often, that I don’t even want to ‘hope’ for that. Just expect a couple of wins and a lot of heartbreaking losses. Then I watch a game like yesterday’s, and feel we can be competitive in every game. And that we could well win 10+ games. But then the PTSD kicks in, and I stop myself from getting too excited.

As it sits today, the future looks pretty bright, and I hope we can keep the fun ride going!

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I think there’s plenty to enjoy right now
Watch the young team grow
There will be some bad in there but enjoy the growth


Agreed, which is why the whipsaw reactions here are so funny to me.

Last week, we barely lose to a team that was “supposed” to beat us, and people are losing their shit about how awful this team is, the quarterback is worthless, blah, blah, blah.

This week, we win against a team that we were “supposed” to beat, and people are over the moon.

It’s a long season, and most people were/are expecting a .500ish campaign. I don’t understand the overreactions, especially the volume and intensity of the negative ones, when everything seems to be trending towards expectations.


The thing that is differnt this time is that people truly want to be here, because of the culture and coaching. When they want to be here, they fight for a job. When they fight for a job, it makes them better and it makes who they are competing with better. Look at Skipper. He’s a journeyman, but he had a great camp this year, because he wanted to stay here and he was devastted that he wasn’t. Yet it came together for him yesterday. So we may have found something, which Lions teams of the past would have never found because players would not hold themselves accountable – they would seek a different team where they would of course do better (and maybe some would)… e.g. VanNoy. Look at Raymond - a journeyman who really wants to stick here…making Cephus, a good receiver, sweat his spot on the team. Stenberg finally putting it together. Evan Brown coming out of nowhere. Jacobs coming out of nowhere with Pleasant and Glenn coaching him up. AO developing into a solid CB due to great coaching. And Swift and ARSB perfecting their games because we have competent coaches that demand respect. I think it IS diffierent this time, its the coaching and the culture they are creating.


I never understood it last year, they were in a total tear down and were lucky to get some players off the street and reclaim some careers to get to where we got. Lions were first in the NFL last year and now 2-0 this year in covering the spread.


Same here, we don’t win often so might as well enjoy a Sunday Win.

I had some strong post game Koolaid! 36 points with 3 backup O-linemen. Pass the koolaid!

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See, this right here is why I like this board. Ya’ll help me keep perspective. Loved watching Skipper!


PFF gave Skipper a 66.8 grade, which is a very solid grade. Impressive for a dude who had never taken a snap at guard in the NFL. Gotta be the tallest guard in the history of the NFL.

Evan Brown also played very well, 68 grade, Brown continues to play well every time Ragnow is out.


The one time relapse is ok brother! :crazy_face::heart::upside_down_face::+1::pray:

Even now is a great time to be a fan and watch your young team progress. The really big fun is to come.

FWIW, I enjoyed last season as well — watching a bunch of undrafted rookies play above their pay grade. That was a good sign of things to come.

yeah and we are still rebuilding to,

Evan Brown is in the background in one of the locker room celebration videos … I thought he looked kind of small next to the other lineman. 6-3, 320. Today’s NFL is nuts.


An offense that scores 35.5 points a game is going to keep you in a lot of games until the defense figures it out.
After winning today with 3/5 of the Oline tied behind their backs?
This offense is convincing!
The defense is flashing moments of greatness, with some great rookie play from Hutch and Rodrigo. I can’t wait till these guys get it down. Two NFL games! The sky is the limit for them and they are going to make the team around them better and better as the season progresses.
No, I think it’s time to start sipping the Koolaid.


This seems cooky to me:
Worst PFF-graded defensive players

  • Aidan Hutchinson – 57.7
  • Isaiah Buggs – 57.7
  • DeShon Elliott – 53.3
  • Benito Jones – 52.7
  • Charles Harris – 49.8