Dan Campbell did not gamble to secure Lions win over Chargers

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The Lions don’t gamble. That’s crazy talk.

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Not to be negative, but there will be a time when a call like that isn’t going to work out, possibly in the playoffs.

I like the call and would back it every time, but when the time comes that it doesn’t work out I fear that there’s going to be a huge backlash with “Campbell is an idiot” type sentiments filling up this board and the media, and no one will remember the times when it did work.


All of that happened in the Seattle game.


It’s not always going to work. But when the defense has given up 5 straight TD drives I fully support the move to go for it even if it didn’t work.


Kind of the type of thing you accept when you take a head coaching job.

We will know when its a gamble because Dan will be sure to avoid doing it on team property. When we hear that the next decision is being made from the overpass behind the stadium, we will know its a gamble. :rofl:


The gamble would be giving the ball back to a team with almost 2 minutes left that had just just scored 5 straight td’s.


Dan has pretty thick skin and he’s comfortable in it when it comes to criticism.
He knows what he’s doing and why. That said, he’s not too full of himself to learn from mistakes either.
I believe he has Sheila’s trust as well as most fans.
Nobody likes to lose, but sometimes it happens. It’s not always a mistake. Sometimes the other professional team just makes a really good play.

That’s everyone not currently in AA NA or CR recovery! :heart::innocent::crazy_face::pray::upside_down_face::sunglasses::flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::boom::motorcycle:

Thank you. That’s a good way of saying it without opening a can of worms.


The only thing that article proves?:
the author never played hot potato. Dan plays the opposite of hot potato.

LOTS of us will remember the times it worked.

And lots of us know that “risk” mean sometimes it doesn’t work.

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