Dan Campbell Is Excited About Hendon Hooker's Potential


He mainly says this is red shirt season an after that we see what they have. The other talking heads like Simms can talk this guy an Holmes make the calls.


I don’t live in the Detroit media area so all I’ve heard is “Lions’ coach extolled the value of hookers.”

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Coach Campbell basically confirming with “Redshirt season” what many of us have been saying, Hooker aint playing this year. They are gonna stash him on IR all season.

Now sign Nick Foles so we don’t ever have to see Sudafed.


That’s what I’ve heard several times from various sources…Twentyman, O’Hara, Brad, now Dan.
I’ve read that he’ll be ready for practice by Sept 1, but, that doesn’t mean he should play this season.
He’s a rookie in a fantastic position. He has time to learn the NFL behind a Journeyman, a great QB Coach, OC, and HC. His only job is to learn, right now, with no worry about getting thrown to the wolves.


Beginning tomorrow I’m going to start all of my sentences with, “I’ll tell you what, man…” Not sure what hook me so long.

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I’ll tell you what man, Campbell says that about 97 times per interview. I’d imagine he probably talks to his wife like. “I’ll tell you what hun, this meatloaf is a 10 out of 10”


Dan in church must be awesome. “I’ll tell you what, man. Amen!”


“And a HC, I am nothing with a good staff”! Freaking leadership galore baby!!! :crazy_face::heart::upside_down_face::pray::+1:


Its a good vid telling how it will be for this season

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