Dan Campbell RAS 10 out of 10?

Campbell was invited to the 1999 NFL combine and posted some pretty good numbers. His 40-yard dash time wasn’t spectacular (4.85), but just about everything else was. Campbell’s combine gave him a RAS score of 10 out of 10. His athleticism and blocking ability is what got him drafted by the New York Giants in the third round of the 1999 NFL Draft.

That seems crazy to me.


Thanks for sharing. I had no idea. I guess that’s why he calls himself the Alpha.

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So I have a question about this RAS thing.

So I get that it compares every prospect relative to previous prospects through the initial year of recording and other prospects in the same class. 10.00 is the best possible score.

But doesn’t that mean that someone can come along and then later get a 10.00, does that mean that the 10.00 and every other score goes down?

Never would have predicted that kind of twitchiness, esp in the 10 yard split. Pretty impressive.

He’s probably a damn good basketball player.

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Though I’m sure the Lions probably misused Campbell when he was a player here I didn’t really see anything about his game that stood out to me. He seemed like just another guy who could block a little bit, catch a little bit, and without much speed. That 10.0 is very surprising to me.

Agreed. What I remember was a very solid blocking TE with soft hands. Mediocre starter, but high end backup type.

he could just make shots with his traps good lord they’re huge.

I don’t put much stock in the ras scores against player from the past. Those guys didn’t train for those drills like players today do.

I’m not a RAS expert, but the way I understand its not really a “score” but a percentile. So averaged against every other TEs ever measured, Dan’s numbers ranked in the 100th percentile. Someone could come along and score better in every metric, and he and Dan would both be 100th percentile.

Dan Campbell head-to-head with TJ Hockenson

Vertical 36" < 37.5" (Win for Hockenson)
Broad 10’1" < 10’3" (Win for Hockenson)
Short Shuttle: 4.07 sec > 4.18 sec (Win for Dan)
3 Cone: 7.00 sec > 7.02 sec (Win for Dan)
Weight: 263 lbs > 251 lbs (Win for Dan)
Bench: 25 reps > 17 reps (Win for Dan)
40 Dash: 4.85 sec < 4.70 sec (Win for Hockenson)
20 Yard Split: 2.74 sec > 2.75 sec (Win for Dan)
10 Yard Split: 1.59 sec > 1.63 sec (Win for Dan)

Impressive. I know where we can get our emergency starter at TE. A little bit older and slower, but more badass than ever.


I remember a video of a rookie named Jason Witten, struggling with a blocking sled, and one of the coaches calling over Dan Campbell to show him how it was done. Campbell effortlessly launched the sled down field as Witten watched in awe.

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