Dan Millers game calls

Thanks! Absolutely awesome to watch!!

On what platform do you listen to Dan Miller live? Sorry I don’t know. Live out of town. Is it a podcast or livestream? Thanks.

Live Radio broadcast.

I don’t know for certain, but I think you can listen on the Audacy app. However, if you’re out of town it might not allow you to listen, happened to me once with the tigers while driving cross state.

I don’t know if the lions might have a live broadcast on their website though? I’ve never looked but it’s possible…

That is super cool you got to experience that!! Would love to see a game from that perspective, and it really shows just how many people are involved to make the broadcast possible every week

always wanted to sync his broadcast with the game, he is so much better to listen to


I live in Phoenix and have been listening to it on the SiriusXM App.

I do miss Champion / Brandy calls.


Dan Miller is criminally underrated as a play by play man. Love that dude.


The guy on Dan’s left is the statistician I believe. The guy on his right is the producer I think. I knew the old producer but he retired. They don’t need spotters because they actually have screens with the video feed hanging just out of frame.

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I don’t doubt you…I’ve been in a broadcast booth before…but only a national and never radio. But this was way when I was in college so it could be far different from what I remember

It really bums me out that when you get the Direct TV feed out of state you always get the national broadcast team. I’m already paying out the ying yang, but I’d pay more to hear the Detroit based team.