Dan Orlovsky - Danny Dumps

Lol, I believe it. Bought a brand new pair of expensive Rain-x wiper blades and they skipped and dragged like crazy - sounded horrible. Took em back and gave the Bosch pair a try. They’ve been smooth as silk even on dry glass.

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I used a 3 seashells reference when talking to my employees the other day and was disappointed when they didn’t get it.

I then realized that about half of them weren’t even born when Demolition Man was released, and the remainder were toddlers.

Goddamn kids…


@Doctor_Love I have said for a very long time I will not quit working because of anything other than no will get my jokes because they are too young. 1970 and 80 movie references are only funny to those of us who actually saw the movies. :joy::+1: