Dan Snyder case today

Heyyyy, there’s one little detail I missed- from The Athletic

“The NFL launched a targeted review of Bruce Allen’s emails which included troubling exchanges between Allen, Coach Gruden AND NFL General Counsel Jeff Pash

So the Shield’s own lawyer(or one of them) was participating in the “troubling emails”.


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Ooooh… this could get ugly with a quickness.

Surprise, surprise. I believe there was something like 650,000 emails and only a couple got released that took out Gruden.


How did I miss this?

Topless cheerleader photos, Hooters VIP gift cards, Latino music jokes and Liberterian references?

This guy is a treasure trove.


Also, re: the Commandos internal investigation" (the public one, not the now revealed shadow one)…

That the lawfirm/investigator did not create a written report is all I need to know about how that went. The only reason to not have an written report is so it cant be subpoena’d.

My county redacted (but it sounds like Washin Dog :slight_smile: ) county government client requested at theoutset of our background check contract that we fax everything…I asked why, as we always do written reports…and was answered, “You cant subpoena a fax!”

Politely declined.


You’d think a lawyer who works for the NFL would be a little more hesitant about putting damaging information into his emails, but some of these guys clearly think they’re bulletproof. The hubris comes back to bite them time and time again.


That is appalling again yet not surprising.

And how do I have a feeling nothing will happen, again…

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Tragic when people don’t take the lessons from top gun to heart.

“Son your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash”

Ego will get you every time.


This Snyder clown… severely blew off Congress… he’s getting subpoenaed. AND… when he shows up, his ass is gonna be on fire. ‘You blew us off so you could be in France on your Yacht?’ Snyder s goose is cooked. Goodell walks away clean, and congress makes the MFL(no typo) kick Snyder out!


You sure know how to tease. Now I have to put this on my must-read list…

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Gotta use my unused Advertising degree somehow. Makes me feel better about the student loans.

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