Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports: Fords are Boobs



Many of us can say we told you so.

I think my main man Iggy and myself said CB was stupid until we were blue in the face.

Cue the ‘hasn’t been long enough to judge’ crowd.


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I like boobs though.


Most agreed in the value of a QB ( Myself included ) QB was not an option because of the mandate and the Fords keeping them around . So I can agree with the writer on the Fords making the choice to keep a GM under a mandate being an issue or that they are boobs for doing so …

Taking a CB …Okudah was the smartest choice of any player available at #3 if QB was not in play and with Young DE having already been selected

The players talent level was top notch
The CB position is a high dollar value position
CB was a need

You were never in the stance of …We must take a QB . You were in the stance of taking a CB is stupid because we should Draft Isaiah Simmons

Simmons was not a top #3 player and would not have been a better choice …

Hahahaha Simmons has truly been ass …Does that mean he will always be ass …or is it to early to judge?

There was a “if you were GM, who would you pick” thread going. Of course, there was a bunch of the trade-down comments that fans always imagine will materialize, but as I remember it there were a lot of people willing to take Tua. I’m an Okudah fan and have expected him to be our guy since bowl season. Even then, I still answered Tua in that thread.

There’s no way Quinn was ever going to take Tua, though. Not for this team at that time. If he expected this year to be the colossal failure it’s become, or expected to have a different Head Coach to take the team in a different direction, then, yeah, you take the next franchise QB.

A lot of people need to pump the brakes on this qb nonsense. Sure Herbert and tua look good right now but how many qbs have we said that about over the years. Wait until the nfl gets some tape on these kids and then we’ll see. Everyone was ready to put Mark Sanchez and Robert Griffen III into the hall of fame after their rookie season. Same with josh freeman who only had one good season. Everybody and their brother said those qbs were so much better than Stafford. Yet here we are. Stafford is still a good starting qb while all the others are either out of the league or backups. Only time will tell.


it would be hilarious if stafford gets injured (not the funny part) and decides that it’s time to retire. broken back last year, injury this year, lions not having any kind of positive horizon soon.

to think we’d have tua waiting in the wings.

Never been a fan of Wentzel. If Quinn has a win now mandate, that most of us think has been issued, then there is no way he could draft Tua . . . he has to win now and on top of him being a rookie, there were doubts on whether he’d play this year.

I wanted Tua, I wanted to trade Stafford (and yes, he’s tradeable despite what writers/columnists say). I felt it was time to flip the page, but if you did that you had to give Quinn (and maybe even Patricia) more through the 2020 season.

Still, Tua couldn’t have done more than what Stafford has done. The picks we got for Stafford wouldn’t have made up for not having Okaduh (Yes I know he hasn’t been good) and couldn’t possible improve that horrid defense.


Cool story, you should write a book on it.

Tua was my preference as well though I acknowledged that we weren’t going to take him. I believe that was Thats2’s take as well but I’m not sure.

Durability still may be an issue though

That was like 98% of the board saying that.

Simmons PFF grade


Carpenters dream

I do think stafford wants out…

Simmons has a PFF grade of 61.8 and Okudah has a grade of 41.6 …What does this mean ?? :joy:

Obviously the person who points this out has no idea what those grades are or what they mean .

Maybe the ultimate chess piece / Swiss Army knife that is… LB Isiah Simmons, that never has to leave the field , who is perfectly healthy… that cant seem to be good enough to stay on the field and only has a higher grade because he has only managed 115 snaps on Defense … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Simmons fellow LB’s Campbell and Hicks have over 1100 snaps combined .

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Quinn spent the entire off-season tossing bouquets at Matthew Stafford, stroking the ego of a first overall pick who’s made nine figures yet hasn’t led the Lions to a thing over 12 years. Quinn very publicly assured the world of how Stafford was his QB.

A competent general manager, well, would have drafted Tua or Herbert, and gave Stafford a year to show health and build trade value to further help the rebuild around Tua or Herbert.

But even a GM incompetent enough to stick with Stafford could have went to Matt and Kelli, let them know he’s the man and to pay no attention to his pre-draft smoke-screening, and then answered every Stafford question, and every question about drafting a QB, with, “I’m not going to comment on that.”

Then drop some leaks to the media, “Sources within the Lions camp are saying there very rarely are opportunities to get an elite QB up high, and they won’t rule out…”

Build a little doubt with the teams behind you desperate for a QB. Build trade value.

Even with Quinn completely screwing that up, I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t have good trade-down opportunities. He just wanted Okudah. At 3rd overall.

The layers of incompetence here with Quinn are profound.

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Yeah, I’m not the one saying Okudah is helping us win games and Simmons has truly been ass.
Neither has been spectacular but the Cards at least have some decent LB’s for Simmons to be worked in slowly. Okudah was only playing because we had no other options, not because his play was great either.

Ohhh…I see you left kindergarten and decided to respond …you only doing so when I chose your ridiculous passive aggressive approach.

Context ??? You choose here to respond on what I said about Okudah & me saying Okudah is helping us win games (playing and contributing ) as compared to a back up QB selection that would have not helped Quinn or Patrcia help keep their gigs …
Context of what I said adds clarity but not when you are trying to paint the false picture you are …I get that…it’s weak and poorly executed but I get it . :thinking:

Simmons was not worked in slowly …he was thrown in game #1 to start and shit the bed and was yanked from the game …

Okudah played because he was healthy and part of the plan … Okudah has played as well as can be expected and no worse than C.J Henderson who has been light up the past 2 weeks once the WR’s he was facing were ramped up … and more on par with what Okudah has had to deal with …

so you’re saying the coaches and gm sacrificed building the team for their own jobs in selecting okudah and that’s ok?

if a WR goes across the middle and always alligator arms passes, what would happen to them? If a RB dives to the ground before any contact what would happen to them? same decisions right?

I mean what would happen if players are upset at how the coaching staff is running the team in the locker room they’d…oh wait we saw what happens there. and then scrambling to replace pro bowl talent with rookies.

I was in the Tua and Herbert camp. Who knows how much longer Stafford has with his injury history.