D'Andre Swift Workout Is Going Viral

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All that lady hair flapping around sure does look silly, when compared to the handsome guy. Geeeeezzz, people! Go shave your head!

If Swift can stay healthy for a full season, he’s going to have an electric season. “IF” is the key word here.


You all know I was big on Swift coming out. I wanted the Lions to get either him or Taylor and was ecstatic to land him. I honestly thought he was a perfect fit for what we were doing at the time. Now I feel Taylor would have been a better fit for what we’re doing now.

Regardless Swift is a talented back and his career so far, has been a bit of a disappointment. It’s time for him to step up and if he doesn’t then I think RB will be high on our list next season.

Come on swift.


Injuries have been the main cause, compared to most of our 2nd round picks the lat 30 years, he’s been a steal though, haha

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Yup - he was one of my favs up to last year. I prefer he goes crazy-good and gets reasonably re-signed…but I am perfectly okay with Netflix and JJ stepping the F up and taking Williams and Swift’s place…whle we upgrade the top end of the roster by drafting Barry Sanders II

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No need. Nature is working on it for me.

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Barry was well Barry…

detroit lions football GIF

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We’ll, and that one play… :rage:

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