Daniel Jeremiah explains why other teams won't copy the Lions 2023 draft model


Because they dont have Brad ■■■■■■■ Holmes


Some good points by DJ there. As others have stated and DJ’s comments go back to it as well, Quinn did well in the OL drafts. So, while the BH/DC did strip the roster down, they had three good, above good, OL starters and Big V for a split second.

Which, fast forward to last season, allowed them to do what they did in the 2023 draft, after BH hit on the 2021 and 2022 drafts.

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So basically the only time someone is willing to get on the air and say that we already had the positions that other people wanted us to take…is when they are making a case for other teams NOT using the same strategy. But DJ is completely right and its something I said from the beginning. Brad was one of the highest rated GMs in 2021 and 2022 for prioritizing the “high value” positions. So he earned the right to round out the roster and add talented players to the other positions.

In his first 2 drafts Brad took OT, DT, DT, DB, DE, WR, DE, DB in the first 3 rounds. Which means the positions he didn’t draft in the first 3 rounds are RB, LB, TE and QB. Brad took RB, LB, TE and QB with 4 of his first 5 picks.


For Holmes t have his draft strategy together he first had to trust his player evaluation of Jared Goff. In 2021 EVERYONE BUT Holmes insisted Goff was a throw in. Draft your QB in 2021! Goff sucks because McVay showed us with his distain and benching that Goff sucked.

Most GMs don’t have the stones to trust themselves in the face of universal pressure. Brad could give two shits what most NFL people think. It starts there.

Brad is a BPA guy overall.

Brad isn’t going to, nor has he, taken a player when a better player was on the board. With his Alim pick Brad pissed off the Eagles who didn’t think Brad would double dip at DT. I don’t think Brad double dipped at DT due to philosophy; I think he double dipped as the player talent justified the pick.

Ask yourself this:
Say the Lions have the #1 OA pick in 2021. Say they also have Goff with the same trade. Does anyone believe Brad takes Trevor Lawrence over Sewell? I think Holmes makes Sewell the #1 OA pick in 2021. Easy. I think Holmes KNEW he landed the best player in that draft and Holmes did that again with Hutch.

Holmes will continue to add talent as his priority period.

I would not be surprised to see the Lions take say a Center in rd.1 over a CB if Brad thought that player had the talent and personality to succeed here.


What I like about Brad Holmes is he doesnt care about optics and press clippings. Many QB needy teams could have got a stud QB (Goff) for a bargain but passed because the media created perception was he was not good and probably thought they wouldn’t get the media pat on the back. Holmes knew better while teams like the Jets, Falcons, Patriots, ect. Could have got a franchise QB on the cheap.


Brad is following the Warren Buffet plan…when everyone is doing X, you do Y.

Once everyone figures it out and more people start doing Y, you’ve already filled your Y positions so X becomes more valuable.


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I do feel like this is an interesting year for Brad for the offseason

We do have some holes, but we now need mainly depth or players who can transition into a long term goal

I still stand that Brad views FA as a place to get your Complementary pieces to the puzzle in terms of team building

and the Draft is where he gets his long term solutions

will be interesting to see what happends this draft, i can see him going anywhere outside of QB this draft


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