Daniel Jeremiah's First Top 50

Witherspoon at 5, Keion White at 8, Dalton Kincaid at 9, Tippman at 27, Bresee at 43, Davis Allen at 50! Wild stuff.



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You’re burying the lede and you know it!

Bijan at 4 !!!


Only 1 LB.

2 (Simpson and Sanders)

It’s amazing the amount of Edge talent this year.

I’m having a visceral reaction to all the high TEs, too. Like, enough with the TE love, Daniel!


Yep, scrolled right by Sanders for some reason.

He’s usually top 5 on these overall talent lists.

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I think this is a pretty good list. I don’t agree with every ranking, but in April 2023 I probably won’t agree with my own January 2023 ranking. I will probably call myself stupid and that I clearly don’t watch film. :rofl:


He’s one of the best. Love seeing that he is high on Witherspoon, Kincade, Tippman, LaPorta, & Joey Porter

Surprised Jack Campbell didn’t crack his top 50

Noah Sewell didn’t make his top 50, burn it all down!!

Edit to add: Looks like we should probably start some discussion/research centered around the Georgia Tech Dlinemen he is high on. A great edge rusher with an interior body type? Sounds intriguing

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Yeah I knew he was gonna rise but never to these heights. My problem has always been whether of not he can play inside and I still have questions (he didn’t have the best day today). I think he and Tuipulotu are similar, they’re big guys who are pretty much strictly edge players, which makes them less appealing to me personally.

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DJ called Hockenson the best blocking TE prospect he’d ever seen… so I have to consider that when he ranks the TEs highly.


Yeah personally, I don’t think DJ’s the best evaluator. He’s fine, but what I like best about him is his connections to the league and the info he gets from that.


9 times out of 10 when a big guy is strictly edge, it’s because they don’t have that dog in them.

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Yeah I agree, though I think for sure Tuipuloto fits that 1 out of 10, that guys plays with his hair on fire. It’s just he never plays inside. I heard somewhere that he played like 50 snaps there this season out of almost 700 total. So maybe it’s not that he can’t do it, just that he hasn’t. Though apparently he didn’t do much during his rare snaps inside.

White is still coming into his own, he was a TE or WR a few years ago (I think, I know it was a different skill position), then he transferred up to GTech, so I think it could be that he’s just early in his development and requires a little more projection.


Keion White is a very intriguing player for me.

Looks like lots of good TE’s this year as well…

Witherspoon is a stud……

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Just got done watching White, I would be 100% okay with him at #6. He’s a different type of big body edge guy. He’s playing with burst, bend, power. Running with skill guys in the flats. I am all in on his tape

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Yeah his freaky athleticism is why DJ has him so high.

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I love how explosive he is on contact, he puts his hands on Olinemen & their heads snap back

Dude he played more inside then your saying you been dogging this guy sense I brought him up, you keep pigeon holing him as a Strictly DE. And he has the size and everything you want to play inside.

Tuipulotu was a highly productive edge rusher for the Trojans. He lined up inside earlier in his career, but later lost weight and primarily played on the outside. As a pass rusher, he doesn’t have a dynamic get-off, but he is very active with his hands, and his motor never stops. He has a strong, steady bull rush because of his powerful lower half. He is an excellent finisher. In the run game, USC’s scheme called for him to shoot gaps and slip blocks, as opposed to stacking and holding the point of attack. His effort is excellent on the back side, but he lacks a second gear to close quickly. Overall, Tuipulotu is a bit of a tweener, but he has a knack for rushing the passer. I believe he’ll find a way to produce at the next level.

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Told Den in NOV to check out White wait till you see his combine numbers . He is big an very fast. His frame would even allow him to add weight an be a DT not nose DT