Daniel Jones probably got the best long term deal for QB's

Pretty solid guarantee . . . almost as much APY as the exclusive tag (estimated at $45M) and $10M more than two non-exclusive tags $71.3M ($32.4M yr 1 and $38.9M yr 2)

Appears rankings
#1 Lamar - only $32.4, but can still negotiate his own deal on the open market.
#2 Daniel Jones - $82M guaranteed over two years is solid, curious to see what year three cash due is
#3 Derek Carr - $70M/2yr guaranteed or $100/3yr . . . people say that the $50M is just for the agent to pad his earnings, but it is a solid move for Carr, either Carr gets $50M in yr 4 or he is a FA again, able to negotiate with anyone, but needs to have a significant Roster Bonus due in March of 2026. It’s not all fluff for the agent
#4 Geno - his contract looks goofy Probably $55M over two years, $20M in year three plus incentives


What does this mean for Goff? I still say, let it play out. If the agent/Goff wants a new deal, give him one. If he want’s to play out contract, that’s fine too.

I’d prefer to do an extension now, adding two years and bonus/guarantee some of his 2023/2024 salary.


The NFL is broken. You now have mediocre, one-year wonders getting absurd deals.

You cannot tell me Daniel Jones makes you a Super Bowl contender.

Or Geno Smith.

And maybe not even Derek Carr.

Only the Ravens look mildly intelligent in all of this.



Not with their contracts, anyhow.

The whole point of sticking with a guy like Jones or Smith should be that you pay them so much less, that you can put a complete roster around them.

This is nuts.


I agree Nate. But I would take Jones over Goff in a heartbeat. (Which isn’t say much I suppose)

I agree. We had the same problem with our last QB. Gotta be smart wit da money.

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Except our last QB was a top 8 QB. It was a catch 22 where he was so good that the chances of replacing himself with something better were so low it made sense to keep paying him until he retired or decided he wanted to leave versus trying to replace him even though he never had a playoff win for us.

You would? Why?


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The Lions need to extend Goff soon!

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next offseason

we aint doing it now

need to see if he can continue his play from last season into this one.

if he does, then extension talk should open up.

Ergo why I’ve been talking QB so much this offseason…

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It’s a 2 year $82M audition, to see if can repeat/improve. Might be a good bet.

If Joe Judge was still the coach, he’d probably be signing a $5M/1yr contract as a backup (or less).


I need to hear the logic here. Jones has never impressed me


But, would you Lions fans take any of those QB’s over Goff!?

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Yes, I’m joking but…

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If you dont have a QB you are donezo. Gpne are the days of Trent Dilfer and Jeff Hostetler getting a team to the Super Bowl.

So, get one on a rookie deal and see what you have. If you still arent sure…tag him or short deal him.

If you can’t, get a vet for a short deal…not an old old one though…and hope he isnt spent like Ryan/Rivers etc.

You can trade for one (Matty, maybe Lamar), you can sign a scrapheaper and hope he forgets he sucks…for a year…

But you can’t Andy Dalton/Carson Wentz/Taylor Heinicke/Mike White your way up the ladder.

If we think Goff may be the long term answer…then pay him next year…be sure. Otherwise, it’s draft and sit for 24 behind him.

Jones is an overpay for past production, but insurance against a rebuild and fan revolt.

The Giants would have been better off sucking for one more year

I like his running ability. Daboll played to Jones’ strengths and it showed. I think he will be even better next year.

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Id like to resign Goff but I dont want to overpay for him. I dont care what the Giants paid Jones, you want that money, go sign with the Giants. Goff gets us to the NFC championship game, we can start talking 40m. Otherwise how about 5 years 150m.

Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts and Herbert will all have 50-55MM plus AAV deals signed within 12 months of today….

I think stating the obvious over and over make some posters feel “profound?”

It’s not really about the QB, not to the level you all think.

— Josh Allen has had BY FAR the #1 D in the NFL the past 4 years… there have ONLY BEEN 8 TEAMS SUB 300 POINTS ALLOWED IN THE LAST 4 SEASONS…. 8… The Bills account for 3 of them!!! In fact the Bills have averaged 300 points a year on the button the past 4 years. Literally 132 points better than any other team…. 3 different top 2 defenses…

So with the #1 D, a top coaching staff, a top 3-4 WR, and top 3 QB… why can’t they make the SB?

  • Jalen Hurts was considered a gimmick or project by mid 2022…. Now he’s a stud? What if he misses 4 games and throws 18 tds next year?

In 3 years when the salary cap is 272MM….paying a QB 45M won’t be a big deal…

If the GM drafts like an adult……

23’- 15M x 8 players (19M by 25’)
24’- 10M x 7 players (12M by 25’)
25’- 10M x 7 players

  • in 2025 our 2022 class will cost under 25M- 7 guys

That is 56MM between 29 guys…

There will always be 10 league minimum type- so there is another 14M ish? So 70MM by 39 guys….

  • QB at 45MM by 2025…. Now that’s 115MM over 40 guys.

These are all guaranteed contract btw…just rookies on rookie deals-

Jonah Jackson- 13M
Sewell- 21M
McNeill- 11M
ASB- 15M
Okudah- 15M
Wright- 7M
Commish- 8M

  • let’s assume they all pan out and this is year 1-2 of their new money contracts……90MM

That is 7 more making 90MM and this 46 guys making 205MM total…

We’d still have 67MM to sign 5 guys?