Daniel Jones vs Eli Manning - Interesting stat

The kid is going to be compared to Eli a lot. Here’s an interesting stats that came out after their NE game.

Daniel Jones has the same amount of INTs in this game (3) as Eli Manning has in 5 career games vs Patriots (incl. playoffs)

I thought it was interesting.

I thought NE looked very beatable, tonight. NYG looked 10x worse.
Thankful that we have them on the schedule.

Just thankful there will be film out there on Jones before we face him. We don’t tend to fare all that well against rookie QBs in their first game.

I think we’ll pick him at least twice, from what I saw today.

I agree that NE is beatable. I also think the NYG are a better team than expected. When is Barkley expected back.

I would think that Bill B. would share his game plan with Matt P. too. Or at the very least his insight.

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Not sure, but it sure would be a gift if they were still resting him when they come to town. We should get them either way, IMO

Barkley likely is back next game. He was close this week but it being Thursday and NE they didn’t push it. He’ll have a game to break the rust before we get him, which will at least give us a small idea how they’ll use him with the young QB