Danimal's Presser Today and Reason #835 To Love Him


Loved it, Thanks for the post.
FYI, my $$ is on Ben having full reins of the offense.


whats going on with Rags ?

Thanks for posting bud. Coach seems like such a solid guy. Really hope we can get some great wins this year.

Sounds like Ragnow will give it a go.

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Wolf, he is dealing with a groin injury.

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What I loved about this particular presser was the interaction between reporters and DC!

They were initiating jokes and this was the most candid rapport I’ve ever seen!!

They are adjusting and relaxing finally to DC demeanor and even at the end they were interacting as he walked off… it wasn’t cut short!

I love it!’


If you’ve got injuries and weaknesses somewhere in your lineup, are you wasting any time fretting about that when Danimal is your coach? No, you’re just going to ball out for the whole game and check the score after the final whistle.


Who was the DT he was talking about? I thought it was six-deuce, but then he said something about waivers. I thought Buggz was the only late waiver dt. Cominsky was mentioned separately (I think he calls him Commish?).

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All that $$$ weighing him down. Injuries manifesting after signing big deal.

In all honesty I hope this guy can stay injury free

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Benito Jones, who they picked up from Miami. He seems like a bigger Demetrius Taylor from what I’ve heard and the very tiny bit that I’ve seen.


ah yes I remember now …being I made a joke about him jerking off and getting hurt lol…thanks.

But can he play like the Deuce does?

Probably not. Deuce can beat Usain Bolt in the 1 yard dash, and I don’t think Benito Jones can do that.

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Is Kramer done for the year?

Great listen, but still scared shitless about Sunday.

Me too. I can’t bear the thought of being tied with the Rams…

  1. Love the “1 yard dash” reference
  2. It’s probably true
  3. Deuce is gonna be a nice piece.
  4. Love Brad Holmes.
  5. Deuce is Paschal’s twin

Man that was awesome. Really love the attitude he is instilling in this team. Not gonna get to high or low from this first game. Gonna see how things look after game 5.


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