Danny Amendola To Sign With Lions

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1 year deal for 4.5 million, up to 5.75 million with incentives.

I like this deal for both parties.

Ugh. Talk about a wake up kick in the n, er pants. Bill Schroeder 2.0

I like the deal. He knows the system I assume Patricia and Bevell will implement. He’s still productive and will be a good mentor to the young WRs

He is a little long in the tooth though at 33

I think this guy will be worth the money, especially to Stafford on 3rd downs.

Hopefully, I’ll be surprised, but he’s never been super productive, and he’s got a pretty scary history of concussions. Just looked it up, and he’s had three recorded concussions since 2009, so not as bad as I thought, but who knows how many un-reported he’s had.

Not a fan to be honest.
I feel like this was just another “given” ex patriot signing.

I initially thought this as well. But the more I look at the position group, the more I like the signing. I need this guy to catch first downs and I believe he will do that.

The price is in-line with what i was hoping to spend on a slot guy. The talk on NFLN is that guys like Humpheries, Crowder, etc. are gonna be pushing 10m/yr. and we cant afford that if we are going to spend big money on a couple or three defensive “playmakers”.

True. And hopefully, he can use some of his veteran experience to help coach up Powell, who looked pretty darn good in week 17 (but it was week 17). I agree that I’d rather take a $4.5 mil risk on a guy with a lower ceiling but a relatively high floor than spend $10mil on a WR, when like you said, we’ve got defensive needs to address.

I like Powell, and as you said, the guy showed in week 17 that he can play and produce in the NFL. Having a vet in the room that has “been there” should help with his development and with a little luck, Powell could be ready to take the next step in 2020.

Along with Galloday, Marv, and James?
Yeah, I like it. I was really hoping Tate would come back, but…


EXACTLY what I was thinking. He’s an on field coach, and will teach Powell (I believe he has a very high ceiling) how to be a football player, both in terms of toughness and technique. I feel Powell lacks focus and toughness, right now. I think Amendola will be a great locker room guy for Patricia too. I like it, especially on a one-year deal. Band-aid player.


I just hope he can stay healthy.