Darious Williams makes too much sense

I’d only sign Williams if Branch is moving to S. He’s only a nickel. We can draft Sainristil from UM if we need another nickel. And he’ll be cheaper.

I’d pass.

Williams has actually graded out better on the outside despite his size.


Darious started outside CB across from Campbell

Herndon was Jags NB

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Yeah. He played in JAX’s heavy zone scheme. Not AG’s man. If we play zone more…maybe I’d consider it. But AG likes to run man.

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AG played a bunch of zone early this year :man_shrugging: Sutton’s forte is zone coverage. We shall see.


I’ll put Nate’s money on it too.

London Water GIF by M Huncho

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Since he was released he doesn’t count against our comp picks. There are plenty of released players available. We can also trade for a player like Mack that is likely to be released. We need to re-sign our own and get some comp picks for the ones that leave.

Ben Powers signed 13 mil per year last year LG

They are projecting a 4th for that.

I’m not too worried about Jonah comp pick…

Go sign Reader & Hunter or Clowney

Thats more than I expect to get for Jonah. I just don’t get excited about the FAs. If they were that good why did their team not sign them? The cap cuts I understand.

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That’s a very good point. You’re right, AG did play more zone early on. Problem: Not enough pressure was generated. So, AG began to bring pressure packages which require man behind them.

With that being said, IF our D can get a good pass rush with our front 4, I’d be totally for getting Williams and even play him on the outside.

So I, like you iterated, will be watching.

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I iterated last night too. Had to chug a half bottle of pepto after. Getting old is bollocks.

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bad mews @Jman


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Once we got Davis, I think it takes another veteran CB off the board. Top 4 isn’t going anywhere, and I also think they draft two rookies.


That make sense Darious going back

Rams are gonna be a problem next year


They were a problem this year.
For them it will come down to the health of Stafford first and then Kupp.

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That makes sense for both him and the Rams, and I’m not upset, because Carlton Davis is a better football player.

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Here’s what’s left

Isaac Yiadom i think we can get at a lowerish price

Another guy is Akhello Witherspoon he played for Rams last year did a decent job.

He was good a couple years back. Having him & Vildor as backups isn’t a bad thing heading into the draft still only 28 years old