Darius Rucker at Trevor Lawrence's draft party

There he is, way off to the right.

Hootie himself!!!

I thought he was a Gamecock. Such treachery.

So now it’s the Jags that are going to make him cry.


He could have attended any of the top QBs’ draft parties, but he told Lawrence, “I only wanna be with you.”


Hahaha I wonder if the Dolphins made him cry yesterday?

Football (mgc-sports.com)

Lawrence is signed with MGC sports agency. Rucker was there representing MGC as co-founder.

Hootie be a smart blowfish.


Looks like he’s rockin a PXG hat…

He’s a huge golf guy

I was hoping it was from the 90’s hairband, RATT…the T at the end kind of looks like theirs.

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I’d be inclined to go with Trevor Bauer’s agent, Rachel Luba.

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OMG, I at first thought that was a fake Bio for Wu Tang Financial!

DIVERSIFY YOUR BONDS! Konichiwa, bitches

Wu Tang Dap GIF

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That seems to be a very good picture for her, she’s not all-that imo.