Darius Slay still wants new deal, says “we’ll see” what happens in offseason

Nothing really new here. In a perfect world, hope we sign him without being obscene. Face it, we need all the help we can back there.

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It’s a fairly tough decision for the GM. You already have a terrible secondary with him. Extending him just makes it a more expensive terrible secondary. On the other hand, trading him for a pick or 2, doesn’t necessarily fix your terrible secondary either.

If we were going to trade him, it would’ve been best at the trade deadline. At this point we are getting diminishing returns. No team is going to give high picks for a 1 year rental for a near 30 year old CB.

If Quinn is serious about being a contender next year, then you extend him. If we suck (likely) then the next GM will have to deal with the backend of the contract. What sucks is that when Slay’s current deal is done, he will 29. An extension will be at that 30 year old wall. His game relies on his quickness and agility like most corners, and he’s not a big physical guy so moving to safety isn’t a great option to extend his career.

I agree that his highest value is in the rearview mirror. That doesn’t mean you should extend him though. He’s not the best CB in the league. There are a bunch of guys better and another group that are at his level. Is it impossible to get someone with his skill set but 8-10 years younger?

If we are this far away from contending for even a wildcard spot, I don’t think it would be smart to be handing out extensions to 30 year old dudes with diminishing skills. I’d rather get younger and cheaper and use that $$ to sign guys to contracts in their mid 20s.

Here is a list of some of our better players, key players, nice players.

Muhlbach - 38 years old
Prater - 35
Amendola - 34
Stafford - 31
Snacks - 31
Marvin Jones - 29
Martin - 29
Wilson - 29
Kennard - 28
C. Jones - 28
Slay - 28
Glasgow - 27
Kenny G - 26
Flowers - 26
Decker - 25
Davis - 25

We simply don’t have any studs that aren’t at least 26-27 years old. Not that we have hardly any studs at all.

This shows that the letter from Martha is complete b.s. and this roster is not building toward a future. There is very little young talent here and extending your old talent doesn’t do anything for the future, it just kicks the can down the road.

Trade Slay and pay Byron Jones or Marcus Peters to take his place… Get younger and equal production for about the same money Slay is going to want.


It creates one more big hole that will need to be filled and only two or three people on the planet would be an upgrade.
You take Diggs and Slay out of the mix and you haven’t seen horrible, yet.


How did Slay make the ProBowl??? I sort of like Slay, but this was not a great year for him. The Probowl berth really weakens our leverage with him. I don’t think it would be surprising if he played for another team next year.

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Depends on how much? He’s not a top cb in my mind.

Quandre Diggs is a pro bowl alternate. This means that Quinn would feel a fair return for Slay in a trade would be a high 5th round draft pick… j/s


Maybe a 4th…lol

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Darius Slay is one of the best CB’s in the league . The fact that QD is a Pro Bowl alternate in 2019 with the Hawks when he was atrocious here this year only proves that.

When a Rec can run up field nearly 5 to 7 yards then cross nearly the entire width of the field and have a QB hit them in stride ( WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENED ALL YEAR LONG )
the problem is not the secondary it is the pass rush . Patrick Peterson , Marcus Peters , Stephon Gilmore , Chris Harris would all resemble what Slay was here in 2019 .

Slay is a sum of what was around him and the lack of a pass rush .

The same holds true for most evaluations …this off season will have (You Know who you are) state Stafford has been in the league for 47 years and cant get it done .

Yet the entire argument has zero merit when Stafford was a top 3 QB in this league and through his 7 games best Tom Brady in nearly every category as far as QB stats go , Stafford 3-3-1 , Brady 7-0 …once again a sum of the parts and team around them .

You are Quinn and Patricia you need the playoffs in 2020 …You make sure Slay is here and happy …Bottom Line.


Some of you make it sound like Slay is some run of the mill schmuck player
He’s made the PB again
He’s at least a top quartile player
Every CB in the league would have had an “off” year with the pass rush the Lions had this year. You can say our CBs suck but I’m not so sure that is true. It’s virtually impossible to grade them under the circumstances of this season.

So many here were all about dumping a washed up Stafford last offseason

At least attempt to be rational

I actually hope they can sign Slay to a somewhat sensible deal
If not, then he plays out the last year of his contract
I think the trade thing is < 50%
And I think the Diggs thing is waay overblown

Your mind is not objective, then. He made the Pro Bowl for a reason.


You think he was good this year? I don’t, again I can have opinion. He’s not worth what he wants.

Plus pro bowls are fan voting.

Yes but were they horrible because they were asked to cover way too long? I think we had a good secondary, however we couldnt get any rush going, giving the QB la very long time to throw. Any secondary would look horrible. I do think they had many blown plays but were emphasized by the inability to rush.

And not just Lions fans.
He did not have his best year. That doesn’t mean he sucked. His teammates definitely did, though.
His GM and HC definitely sucked, and they’re coming back.
You think Slay is bad? Get rid of him and it won’t take long for you to learn to appreciate him.
There are maybe 3 guys in the league as good as he is. Maybe 1 that is better. None of them are coming here.
No rookie is going to come in and give us anything near Slay’s performance, for 2 years, minimum, and that’s if you get lucky and hit on a good one.
Like you said, you’re allowed your opinion.

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I can just envision a scenario where they invest in the DL to finally get a good pass rush, and then let our secondary go to shit.


Yup - agree w/this. The only shred of evidence that I’ve seen that leads me to believe the problem is something different, is what Chris Speilman said. I gladly concede that he knows football better than I do, but man…Looks like DL issues, in conjunction w/scheme, to me. Let’s trade down and get Darrick Brown (if that’s even possible, if not…take him at 4/5/wherever we end up)