David Tepper says Bryce Young was "unanimous" choice of coaches and scouts

Tepper is essentially the General Manager. What he ultimately says goes, so the challenge for the coaches and front-office staff is to glean from his words and actions which way the wind is blowing, in order to avoid a situation in which everyone goes one way — and Tepper goes the other.

If, after all, the people who work for Tepper are making suggestions he’ll reject, he’ll eventually ask why he’s employing people who don’t see things the way he does.

That’s why it was unanimous, in my opinion. They all knew who Tepper wanted. They all knew what their vote should be before it was time to cast a ballot and give them to a guy who reserves the right to count them up — and then throw them all away, if he chooses.

Just Floria’s opinion, but an educated guess and a very good one.

"…it was almost — I believe it was a unanimous decision, and the coaches and the scouts had very strong opinions at the time.”

In other words, it wasn’t unanimous.


I don’t know how anyone could watch the dumpster fire in Carolina and believe it has anything to do with Bryce Young’s talent.

There isn’t a quarterback in the league that would’ve survived Carolina this year.

I’d bet anything that CJ Stroud would have put up exactly the same results as Young given that situation.

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Glad he’s not in the NFC

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I’ll tell you what, if I’m a potential HC signing with a team with a top draft pick, I’m getting it in writing that “IF” the GM is going to take a QB - that if they fire me after one season - they owe me the world contract wise. It’s like Steve Wilks going to AZ, them taking Douche Rosen and then firing him after year one. It will be suuuuuper interesting what the Bears do. Do they believe enough in Fields/Eberflus to stay the course, trade away the top two QB’s Williams and May and take a bevy of highly talented position players? (What I would do). Or do they blow it up, trade Fields take Williams/May and likely reload at HC? Ultimately I hope they eff it up.


Florio is so stinking toxic. Man, I read both of his posts on Tepper this morning and his eagerness to build a narrative is unsettling. If we’re making Okung a criminal for his opinion on skin care, Florio should already be in chains.


I’m calling BS

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It’s not going to be fun going up against Marvin Harrison, Jr. twice a year. Somehow I hope he doesn’t end up there. It should be inevitable, but they are the Bears.

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