Did anyone see Davis misread that QB run by Wentz in the 1st Quarter?
Wentz Gained like 15 yards on 3rd down.
After a delayed pause, looked to me like Davis ran to the right side of the o-line while a huge hole on the left was opening up.
Wentz gained a 1st down and the Eagles then scored a TD after that.
That one was frustrating.

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I was just happy to see him play.


Definitely saw that as well. Had the same thoughts as you.

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O.K. when I saw that, I was like ugghh…but I wouldn’t know if he really misread that I guess unless I looked at film and I knew what his assignment was.

It did look like as the play developed, he was reading and waiting, and then picked the wrong hole.

Yup, you are right. That is what it seemed like. Who knows for sure though.

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Davis did more in this game than flowers and snacks have all season

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I wasn’t happy. He has the injury that lingers all season long if you don’t take it seriously from the beginning. When the player feels like he can come back, you wait 2-3 more weeks on top of that. Davis was clearly not himself out there today.


I was just hoping they’d just ease him in this game and/or next game to get him conditioned to be out there steady after the bye.

I was thinking they’d rest him until after the bye

I was told he had a high ankle sprain. If that’s wrong, I’m fine with that. But if it is a high ankle sprain, that is a very frustrating injury because its “just” a sprain. What’s frustrating about it historically is that it lingers all year long. Why does it linger? Because its one of those injuries that requires TIME to heal, and whenever you think you are ready to go play…you actually need another 2-3 weeks. So the players go out on it 2-3 weeks early because they feel like they can play, then they aggravate it. This happens over and over again, until the player basically wastes an entire season with what is “just” an ankle sprain.

My advice is to go ahead and eat the time it takes up front, then bring the player back when he’s truly healed. Because if he’s not fully healed, you are going to end up back in the training room anyways.


High ankle sprains are usually a 4-6 week full recovery. I assume Davis’ was more on the mild side since he was back jogging on it almost right away. So 4 weeks was probably about right. Hopefully he didn’t re-injure it. We need his speed there at LB to get some pressure from the LB spot

Also, my game feed needed to reboot that last Eagles drive. Were those two PFs against the Lions legit?

I was almost hoping they’d wait too. I researched it online, and they said minimum 6 weeks for that injury (which would have brought him back for the Packer game).

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What I’m saying is that you can’t judge the injury like you judge other injuries. That’s why people who have it end up losing major parts of a season for what should be a shorter term injury. Yes, guys can “run around on it.” That’s fool’s gold, and why player after player ends up going back out on it too early. You can perform on it before its actually healed. So as hard as it is to do, when the player is able to move around on it and feels like he can come back…you still need to give it another 2-3 weeks passed that point. High ankle sprains are just a funky injury like that.

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The roughing the passer flag was bullshit. The call against Davis was legit because he did have helmet to helmet contact with Sproles, but it wasn’t Davis’ fault because Sproles was coming down from a jump. He didn’t try to deliver a kill shot or anything.

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Flowers had 8 tackles and a sack and is playing much better after no training camp or preseason action

Yeah, but again, doesn’t he mainly line up over the left tackle?
That guy was their 3rd string left tackle.

Flowers moves all over the field.

Right, but I think he takes most snaps on the right side of the D-line.

When the injury happened I looked up this abstract. It’s an interesting read on HAS for football players

I respectfully retract my statement about flowers. I had my 7yr olds bday party so I missed watching most the second half. Only able to check here and there and only really saw his name on the late hit. Hopefully he keeps building on those stats