Day 3 picks only

  1. Riley Moss
  2. Chandler Zavala 159
  3. Josh Whyle 183
  4. Deuce Vaughn 194
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You know, don’t think I need to do one as I like what you did.

I think Zavala is a day 2 pick


Ronnie Bell
Jake Moody
Stenson Bennett
Noah Sewell
DJ Turner
Riley Moss


If he’s gone then it’s Sidy Sow.


Bennett has been moving up the boards, I have been on his bus for a long time but I just don’t see him being there.

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So, with nine picks do you package a couple to get back into the fourth to get a Bennett, or, fill in player name wanted.

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I was in favor of some kind of move into the 4th prior to gaining the extra fifth. We would need to parlay both 6th round picks and the higher 5th to get into a decent spot in the 4th. My original thought was to move one of next years 3rd round picks for a 4th simply because I have to believe that in that gap between 81 and 152 there is going to be a player that fell that they like. Even though we are going from the 3rd to the 5th it’s like having a 2 round sit because it’s 71 picks in between.

We have so many picks already my hope is that they find some way to make a trade or trades that gets us back into the 4th and moves a pick or 2 into next year. How that plays out is to be seen but with this staff and their willingness to “get their guy”, nothing would surprise me.

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We will be drafting Cam Jones.

I really don’t see it even if we haven’t taken a LB in the first 2 days.

I’d be totally fine with that.

Here’s mine:

(152) Tyjae Spears (falls because of two ACL tears in same knee)
(159) Terell Smith
(183) Kaevon Merriweather
(194) Desjuan Johnson

I bet he goes undrafted, that’s why I didn’t pick him.

His testing was disappointing but as you know his tape is not. He’s basically the highest-rated safety across the board according to PFF, and his GPS numbers are much better than his workout numbers. And as we’ve seen, Brad pays attention to that stuff.

Plus it seems like every year Iowa safeties outperform their draft slot. I know you shouldn’t scout the helmet but there’s no way team FOs aren’t beginning to take notice of that. I don’t think he’ll be drafted high, but surely he goes on day 3. He’s a really good prospect.

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I’m just used to watching IOWA guys/secondary slide, the best example would be Desmond King. I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s an NFL player.

I think Moss will go a round or two later than he should and honestly, if Merriweather is a 5/6th round pick, that’s way too low as well. I think he could have a Hufanga-like impact on the league.


Heh, none of those guys are day 3 Natty. Or if they fall to day 3 something’s gone terribly wrong.

Bro - this is PRECISELY why I am the best GM in the league. Got 'em all on day 3!!!