Daylight savings time

Your take?

I say fall back 30min this weekend and leave it forever… But who gives a flying fuck what I think.

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I’m with you Phiz.

Is there any other country that does this?

Basically its a white people thing. LOL

At least that’s what google says. North America and Europe do it. Africa and Asia do not. A few countries in South America do it.

I’m not a fan of the time change itself, but I do like that it “shakes things up” in my life in the fall and the spring. Something different.

It really doesn’t change a thing in my life.

It sucks, get rid of it.

OK I got it, It’s just white people vying for more time to get tanned. Son a bitches…

There is nothing worse than driving to work in the dark and then coming home in the dark. Winter is awful, daylight savings time is awful.

I am lucky enough to work my own schedule for the most part, but there are times where I will go 4 consecutive days without seeing the light of day. Sunrise 8am sunset 5PM.

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I say settle on 1 time (military format without am/pm) across the world and go with it. If 19:00 is early morning in India and late evening in the USA who really cares? Don’t make me convert it. And adapt the metric system already. Neanderthals.

I much prefer daylight savings time. That is the time we are on in the Summer, and when we get lots of light after getting home from work, and can actually get stuff done around the house.

I hate coming off of daylight savings time in the Winter, when it’s basically dark by the time I get home from work.

So whatever you want to call it, I prefer to stay with the time setting that lets me come home from work and arrive home with daylight hours still available.

I give a hoot if I my drive to work in the morning is in the dark.

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If we couldn’t meet in the middle by falling back just a half hour then I’d prefer the summer time too, gives more time to hunt in the evenings and kids still have a little light after school to go outside!

I’ve never been able to fully grasp everything involved with daylight savings time other than its a pretty common theme that many of us could give 2 shits whether its light or dark in the morning but we do care what its like after work. That being said, it appears that whatever time we are on during the summer is the one to keep. However when I do more research that I still don’t completely understand, it appears that the winter time is the “real time” and the summer time is the adjusted time. While I’m still confused, it does help to explain why it hasn’t been a no brainer to go with the time that maximizes post work daylight year round.

It’s about kids going to school in the dark.

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If you have dogs, you don’t get the extra hour of sleep.

Amazing how big of a creature of habit they are.

Daylight savings time is a ruse by the government to curtail urban crime and mildly inconvenience suburbanite, pumpkin latte drinking soccer moms.

Good point.

My kid is in 6th grade. He gets up at 5:15. The bus picks him up at 6:10am. He’s basically a vampire before the time change.

Light until almost 11pm here on the longest days of the year. West of Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Chicago and we are in the Eastern time zone.

DST makes for some real nice summer nights.

That’s awesome. I remember in Michigan during the longest days of the summer we could play basketball outside until 10pm. Right now I’m living farther EAST than I’ve ever lived, and I’m not a fan of how early it gets dark during the summer. I swear it was getting dark already at like 8pm. Boo!

When I lived in Hawaii, it seemed like the sun rose at 6-7am and set 6-7pm everyday the entire year. Not much leeway.

I would love to go up north to Alaska during the summer to see that permanent daylight thing they have going on there.

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