Dayum got to wait all day until 8pm tonight?

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Only 8 more hours Wolf!!

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What time will pick #6 be? 9:00?

Yep, probably around 9pm if no trades happen. #18 might not be until close to 11pm, they drag these picks out forever. Go easy on the boozing fellas, or you’ll fall asleep before our 2nd pick. haha

The draft kicks off at 8pm EST, probably won’t end until 12:30am or so.


So I shouldn’t crack my seventh beer right now? Just put it back in the fridge?

Go slow and easy. Pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Not a problem.

You can also lick those toads after smoking them! Course I never do though, I’ve only heard. :wink:

My wife gets really funny about that.

i miss when the draft was on saturday morning

At least they made it 10 mins between picks now, I think it was 15 mins back in those days. First round took 7 hours, lol


Just got back from everything I had to do today. My schedule’s cleared…

Now I get to just wait.


that’s ok because someone will be blabbing what picks we got anyway…

You couldn’t drive a needle up my ass with an air hammer.

less than 2 hours here @ 6:32 pm…

I had an absolutely shit day at work today. It was just one of those days. I forgot the Draft started tonight until I got home 15 mins ago. My whole mood changed, I am so exicted.


TMI bro ! :face_with_peeking_eye:

My wife gets funny about anything that brings me enjoyment.

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